Making his smokehouse

By Admin | The Hands
23 May 2016

barbecue, baked potato, salad of freshly picked vegetables - such standard, but very tasty dishes and always welcome at the table of any inveterate summer resident or a simple citizen, who arrived on holiday.However, you can always expand the menu, if your site is complete stationary smokehouse.How to build it?That's what we'll talk in this article.

smokehouse initially need to select the location for your smokehouse.It should be away from the buildings and plants, as very much frequent cases of fires associated with raging flames.

Also, it is worth about a place to measure underground chimney.The length of the channel - up to 300 cm, width - 35 cm (with a brick 53 cm), height - 25-27 cm.

When all the primary measurements are made, it is necessary to determine the material.Use is as a standard clay brick, as synthetic materials during combustion of firewood will allocate harmful substances.

next step - measurements for the smoking chamber, which will prepare a welcome meal.Recommended area of ​​the camera -

no more than one square meter, and height should not exceed 145-150 cm. In the case of the smoking chamber expands the list of suitable materials.It can be used as a brick, and simple metal barrel.

After all measurements and arrangements are made, comes the turn of work.First, dig a place for the flue.If you chose a place on the hill, the channel should be above the proposed smoking chamber.Followed by laying bricks on the edge, that is, the full construction of the channel walls.

to create additional strength is better to use clay mortar.When both walls of the channel ready, it must cover.This may come brick or plain metal sheet thickness of 4-5 mm.

When working on the channel over, begin the construction of the smoking chamber.Immediately it is worth recalling that the channel must be in the chamber at 20 cm, otherwise the output of smoke is not timely.

Depending on your choice of base for the camera will need to prepare a barrel with the bottom removed, or build a brick smokehouse.The upper part of the chamber is a place for smoked products.Containment products can use ordinary metal rods with a diameter of 30 mm.

Finally, it should be prepared steel flap to cover the maximum output of smoke and excess heat.There is perfect sheet metal thickness of 4 mm.