Suburban toilet with his hands

By Admin | The Hands
22 May 2016

Foundation for the toilet Zenth decided to make a columnar, with the expansion of the bottom, this drill was purchased TISE.In the role of the collecting tank the choice fell on a plastic barrel of 220 liters.Toilets should have a size of 1.3 to 1.5 meters.

first step was to dig holes under the barrel.Dig a deep hole with a shovel uncomfortable, Zenth had to dig a small shovel and put in a bucket of clay, followed by its lifting and emptying.Over half managed to deepen the hole to 1.3 meters

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The next step was for future drilling piles to a depth of 1.6 meters.There Zenth encountered difficulties.Wet clay behave like plasticine - at rotation of the drill is sinking into a "sausage", thereby making it difficult drilling and excavation.In one well-time took about 2 hours, and this without drilling extensions.In addition, the site is uneven, the place chosen for the first pillar, towering over the other.The remaining posts will be aligned to it.Extensions pillars Zenth decided to do afte

r all will be willing to 4 wells.In the manufacture of extensions it took an hour for each.

Zenth prepared construction materials: pieces of roofing material for waterproofing;Three 50-tikilogrammovyh bag of cement (as it turned out - a bit too much, left the bag 1.5);sand and granite gravel (fraction 5-20).

Zenth made of crushed stone in a small drainage hole, 15-20 cm and poured back 2 more buckets of sand.

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on the barrel - "fekalipriemnitse" made a lot of holes, as is planned in the future to fall asleep in her chemicals to decompose to a liquid.

calculating the thickness of the bars, Zenth took the advice of other forum visitors and concluded that 4 columns with a diameter of 100 mm will be enough "for the eyes."To this were purchased 4 PVC pipe diameter of 110 mm and a wall thickness of 2.7 mm and a length of 2 meters.

The next phase of work Zenth asleep emptiness around gravel barrels, spilling water and tamping each layer.Gravel rained down to the level of the uppermost hole in the barrel.The rest fell asleep on top of the clay and rammed it.

was further counting by cutting excess PVC pipe.Zenth decided to raise it above ground level to 15 cm, the lower end of the pipe should start from the top of the dug expansion.The surplus was cut off, and the pipe is fixed simple device.

Zenth Then he measured the length of the valve so that the lower end of its expansion came in, but did not touch the ground, and the upper end is flush with the end of the pipe.

frame toilet Zenth produced a special attachment.The ring is recessed into the concrete and plate will not mount drown in it, at the same time solve the problem of centering studs.

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concrete for pillars was involved in the following proportions: cement, sand, gravel, water 1-3-2-0.7

The next step was necessary to fillheel and extension pole.The level of the poured concrete should be slightly higher than the measured (cut) length of PVC pipe, so it can be a bit drowned in the concrete pipe must not "walk".

When the pipe mount and align its level, to fill the hole should be slightly moist clay to concrete when pouring tube is not squeezed out.

remaining pipes were installed at a height relative to the first tube half meter level, vertically aligned another level, and filled with concrete.Barrel temporarily closes the lid to not fall to the garbage, they shut down the entire structure the film and left to congeal until next weekend.Further plans Zenth clay fill the void around the pipe and ram it.He believes that the clay would be great to slide on PVC and does not need to spend on filling a building material like sand.