Garden headsets for recreation areas

By Admin | The Hands
22 May 2016

visitor offline leon42 described the birth of a suburban Headset recreation area consisting of two chairs and a table.

drawings and templates leon42 did so believe that they are made for mass production, and single-piece for yourself you can do by hand.Dimensions?Obmerte any chair on which you sit comfortably - here's size, initial.Chairs have leon42 great because he close.First there was the idea to make one large and a few smaller armchairs: father, mother, son ... but then it was decided that it would not be politically correct with respect to the guests, and stopped on the classic version.Despite the large size chair, sit comfortably and child (32 kg.).

stages of manufacturing chairs

armchair armchair armchair

1. vypilivaya details to better focus on its size and the materials available.In leon42 material it was - board carpentry factory 120 * 30.Dimensions, as it turned out, this chair is not the most important thing.The main thing - as the one to collect it without razlomav blanks.Leon42 sawed

jigsaw, circular saw cut, the edge was treated hand router + screwdriver (much easier life).

2. fastened sidewalls (front side decorative furniture screws "countersunk" inside screws, glue "PVA Universal") were assigned to temporary covering, cleaned afterwards.Do not forget about the width of the back, it was she who sets the width of the whole chair.

3. Along the way, made herself back, ventilation slit to make sure.Under the lower strap shield back three more centimeters.

4. Fasten the armrests on a pre-marked area on the back side.The back strap on the arms, holding back, first baits and marked with the size.Then this strap is removed, and saw off the excess, the edge is made diagonally to fit a larger area to the back.Finally, the whole structure is held together in upholstery evrovintami.

5. Now makeshift lower back can be removed and set back.Armchair exhibited by the level (vertical - horizon angles, the slope of the back) and fastened to the top of the bar to the railing, down curved legs, the back of the same in furniture screws.Prepared crossbar on the seat mounted on the screws in increments of 0.5 cm. After fixing 2-3 strips can remove the front and continue to strengthen the makeshift plank seat.

6,7.Chairs are ready.As applied antiseptic impregnation leon42 for street work, wrought in five layers.According to previous experience leon42, fared well "BIOTEX" shop stood all the winter and autumn in the street without a canopy, looks like new.

leon42 also recommended to buy special pad and set foot on the bottom, and not to put, at least for a long time, to the earth.These things for paved areas.

After making chairs leon42 take a table and footrest for these seats

table table table

1. First leon42 marked out and drank circuit countertopshe decided that the countertop will repeat his chair.

2. Just sawed "underbench" decor, but glued to the furniture PVA clamps.

3. At this point, first, sawed, glued, milled middle, without legs.Then he puts the leg and marks the place where converge the edge line (router).Fraser legs apart and glued together into a single unit (sidewall).

himself "underbench" decor load testing will not be collected inside the frame, which will strengthen the self-bonding decor with legs and frame will be attached to the table top.Finishing planned

dark (walnut, chestnut, etc.), impregnation penetrating.

between the front legs will be further made a jumper for rigidity.Below is attached a special "nail" with a wide plastic cap that the tree does not touch the ground.This will be set on a paved area.