Construction of the track

By Admin | The Hands
22 May 2016

So, the first stage - the choice of material

garden path material I chose a long time, carefully proschityvaya options and studying the market.Initially he intended to pave the artificial stone blocks, like "wave", red or burgundy.However, the price greatly confused: this track will be released about a thousand per square.Also I did not like the fact that it resembles the general form of an average hand in the restaurant.Agree, cottage - it's a little different, there has to be all natural.

the construction market saw a natural stone for 320 rubles per square (last year's price).All doubts have disappeared, when he looked in design magazines, as well as what you can do with it.Natural stone - exactly what you need!After appropriate calculations revealed that the need to buy a 3 cubic meter.By the way, I like to note that the rate is strongly dependent on the thickness of the stone.Those who want to pave over by a car, you need a stronger stone than those who make the walkway.

second stage - loadin

g and delivery of stone

When buying a stone, the main thing - to stipulate in advance how it will be shipping.Stone ship or truck under the pallet or throwing one stone in the back.In the second case, the stone pile a bunch of messy, and it inevitably breaks down.Therefore requests that the cargo truck.But even if you promised it, be sure to check whether your truck to drive up to a pile of stones.I

shipping method throwing, and many pieces of broken.But the worst - it is unloaded!Thankfully, the driver was extremely normal guy and helped.However, the back then a long bony ...

third phase - building the foundation

complexity of the construction was the fact that my suburban area is in the pit, so much time and effort taken by the alignment of the base track and the creation of supporting walls.

First I poured concrete edging in the form of a ribbon width of 30 cm at a distance of 1.5 m from the house, parallel to the wall.This is the part of the track that leads from the corner of the house to the gate.Then I had to make a support wall of bricks that are stacked in 4 crown, two bricks wide.From the outside slope slipped under the ground, which laid the sod in advance removed from the lawn.Inside, everything is covered with sand.

garden path garden path garden path

followed was filled with the same ribbon of concrete on the corner of the house to the front door, perpendicular to the previous one.At the corner of her beauty, I rounded the circle and put a support wall of bricks, but in a single layer.I did semicircular steps, which are formed by a shuttering of hardboard.From experience, it became clear that the fortress orgalitovoy shuttering on the outside need to hammer more poles and how to sprinkle sand, or hardboard bursting.

And finally, the fourth stage - laying stone

dry sand-cement pyatisotke I stirred mixer at a ratio of 1: 2 to result in a mixture of three buckets.Then evenly apply the mixture on a level on the pillow of sand in the basement.A layer of the mixture turned thick 3-4 cm. Mixture was putting the stone.Many cost a sand and put him coat without cement, but then there is a strong possibility that the stones will play among themselves.

When laying, mainly in order to lay down aesthetic gems.Each stone requires an individual approach, it should not put so much pressure with great as with diligence.I put - and jumped on it, and if he fails, you should pour the mixture and then jump.You do not forget about the level.When everything is laid, you can walk the walk, trample, to feel that everything is tight and in place.

Slots laid small stones, and if these are not proved, they sawed grinder.Before laying need to make sure that the powerful Bulgarian was at hand.The remaining gap, I jammed the dry mix: sprinkled it on the track and rubbed with a brush.

then installed over the hose to the divider track and shed it properly three times, with an hour break.The next day, rinse again the path of the hose and rubbed with a brush.For the final cleaning of the stones from adhering cement mixture used again grinders with a nozzle in the form of a wire brush.After that, once again splashed the track with water - and you can walk!