Frame garage without having mercenaries

By Admin | The Hands
22 May 2016

brick garage Garage Jivul began to build, how to store the machine, and for car repair, most of which he performs himself.Therefore, it should be warmed, for the winter, and a 4 * 6m.or more.Wooden frame option is selected for several reasons: the price efficiency;the ability to do everything alone;minimum amount of time.Also Jivul had confidence in their abilities, thanks to the experience gained in the construction of houses, baths, barn.Drawings frame he did not do, the experience was, cost pencil sketches.

According to preliminary estimates the cost of materials was to be 80-85 thousand. Rub.Almost all of the work performed Jivul one working in the main job 2 in 2 days and giving yourself a rest.

Foundation brick garage

In late April, he removed the earth from the site for the garage.I filled and leveled 1 Kamaz asphalt crumbs and 1 Kamaz granite gravel.On the gravel in the size of the garage laid reinforcing mesh.Along the perimeter of the solution to the packed w \ b tile thickness of 7 cm, matched with the dismant

ling of the old railway line.Paul poured concrete thickness of 5 cm.Next to the floor to creep roofing material on top of the joists of the bars, and they batten.
Jivul did not dig a hole in the clay soil - is the high cost and the risk of leakage.He watched the people in the garages of the pit full of water, so this idea has disappeared.

Foundation works completed in late June.


brick garage Bottom rail of the board 100 * 50 treated with antiseptic.Corner posts and goal post 100 * 100.The rest of all racks, beams, rafters of doski100 * 50.

Step sill stands 120 cm. The bottom plate under the rack slots did fastened screws on the corners, plus nails screwdriver.It's faster.If you build a garage for more than 4 meters wide, it seems, will have to make beams of cohesive boards 50 * 100.It is stronger than the bar 100 * 100.

struts, longitudinal members and the other from the bar 50 * 50.Carcass took 4-5 days.The only son needed help when installing the rafters, which were pre-assembled on the ground.

roof brick garage

Crate of boards 100 * 25.Since the attic without insulation, roofing material Bituwell laid directly on the crate.


frame sheathed clapboard exterior Jivul category "C", the price of which 96 p.for the quarter.m. On the casing cemented windproof layer of dense glassine and stuffed vertical bars 30, 25 * 300 mm.Inside will be a mineral wool insulation and sheathing cheap clapboard.Exterior cladding made of bars siding Deck.I put in double glazing in the windows.

boards and walls sprinkled with an antiseptic spray gun from vibration.Jivul planning process again pinotex light wall and floor spray hydrophobic solution.


Jivul bought designer for self-assembly - Door-Han gate for 16.5 thous.It's a little more expensive than iron gates, but comfortable, beautiful and warming.The manual says that the assembly takes 4.5 hours.He and brother-collected 1.5 days.By the way the firm behind the gate to the installation requested 31 thousand. Rub.

on this in early November halted work, shut the door and went to bask in the sea in Egypt.

Continuation of

brick garage In late February, Jivul resumed work started hemming and ceiling paneling.Over the lining on paper laid insulation between the beams and the floor of the attic floored board 25.

At this stage, the cost of materials to the gate were 64 thousand. Rub.The remaining cost of materials amount to 18 thousand. Rub.

Jivul for work done in the garage heating.In urban experience insulated garage 4,5 * 6m missing 2 kW heater plus 500 W spotlight to at -10 °.on the street to raise the temperature to 16 for body and paint work.A bunk
category C (with holes in places knots) bought additional at the same price for the inner liner.Then he did a decent ladder to the attic and the rack.Warming fulfilled foam thicknesses.40 mm.Cheap and there is no dust from both Isovera causing him coughing.

The total cost of materials amounted to 80 thousand. Rub.