The lamp in the country

By Admin | The Hands
22 May 2016

ceiling frame is assembled from all sticks.In the absence of a suitable material Alex used the remains of a plinth and a coil of rope and paper packaging.During assembly (coil ropes) tries all fall apart, so at first he twisted rail small screws.Since the rope and paper, it would stretch and knots will weaken.Therefore, immediately after the winding rope he missed "the moment."When all has evaporated, the frame was coated with black nitro aerosols from spray.

The lamp in the country The lamp in the country The lamp in the country

If as a material was bamboo and ropes of hemp, the course could not paint.Further, fabric strip is cut and fixed on one side (inside) the stapler is tensioned and fixed on the other.He made it out of the remnants of the windshield (only he did not have anything at hand).

The lamp in the country Alas, it burns from the lighter and melt like a plastic bottle.Alex took a chance to put it only with low-power energy-saving lamp 10W, which he after a long operation can take a hand.Plans: to try to soak the fabric and paper flame retardant for wood and set on


WARNING! He did it at your own risk. not repeated!

fabric lampshades should be impregnated with a special solution.In the internet he learned that The lamp in the country it must be a solution of alum.Still approached tape of PTFE (it is used (used) for radioproizvodstve)

The design of the ceiling all.How to filling - consult your family electrician.My version of the filling on the photo.Good luck in the works.

PS To avoid accusations of plagiarism: Alex saw this idea in an interview with the musician Shnurova ...