Mini Bath

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22 May 2016

On Unkas-site and around the sandy soil and also a high level of groundwater.For this reason, it had to be built of a small-sized bath and as easily as possible.In this regard, the size bath was calculated to 2 people.


sauna Dimensions: length of 6 m., Width of 2.2 m., The height of 2 m .;
dressing room 1.5m to 2m.
Lounge 2m to 2m;
Shower 1m 1m with a metal tray;
Steam 1.5m to 2m from the lower and upper shelves along the long side (for a bath it end);

Mini Bath from Unkas

Dimensions Unkas calculated as follows: the growth of potential users does not exceed 1m 90cm - ceiling height of 2 m with no protruding parts.
length shelf in a sauna and 2 meters, so taking into account the thickness of the walls of the entire width of the structure of 2.2 m.


Unkas built everything himself, sometimes helping son - a student.

on construction of the foundation was taken blocks of 10 - 20 * 20 * 40.The high level of ground water required to make the most of light bath, and all this taken into account

when selecting the material.

Sauna done on frame technology.Insulation of all the walls, except steam, made with a mixture of sawdust and expanded clay and broken bottle glass - to protect against rodents.

sheathing frame walls (except steam) lining on vellum backfilling with a mixture of sawdust, expanded clay, broken glass and lime.

Steam trimmed aspen, then 5 cm air gap, penofol 3mm, Rockwool 5 cm.

Water System

Due to lack of pressurized water Unkas made samotёchnoy water system for hot and cold water.Hot water can be heated automatic heating element.

 Mini Bath from Unkas

soil where there is sand bath, therefore, used water is poured into the drainage hole the size of 50cm * 50cm * 50cm, this is enough, because the water flow is small.

Shower is at the beginning of the tunnel.Furnace door is recessed.Unkas wanted to make a different arrangement, but because of the small size of the bath it is difficult to do.

tank of cold water, he hung under the roof.Because of its low point on the hose water gravity flows into the hot water tank.Also placed in the mixer tap shower.
Height tank of cold water at a level of 2.5 m and a hot water tank of 2.0 m. Both the open tank, volume 50 liters.The tanks, pipes - it is better to make stainless steel and galvanized watering can otherwise clog shower.

Mini Bath from Unkas

Explanation to figure

The chart indicated the level of the equipment to the floor bath and the direction of the water in the hot water from the stove.The movement of water caused by the temperature difference between the water heater before and after it.The heated water becomes lighter and as the air rises, and in its place comes a cold water.Therefore, the water feeding pipe connected at the bottom of the tank, and its second end connected somewhat higher, as shown in the diagram.

in the tank with hot water, he set up a simple toilet toilet tank fittings, ie the tank is filled to a certain level, which can be adjusted.

Before using the shower, for security reasons, the two phases are necessarily disabled.

water heating

Unkas bought a 1.2 kW electric heaters.with automation, such are now sold in almost all stores, brown cylindrical body from which protrudes the probe heater and temperature sensor.It has a large hysteresis in temperature, so if you put 40 degrees, it will not overheat and the water works once.And since it is in the bottom of the tank, in the middle part, where there is a selection of water on the shower, the temperature will be a little longer.

transition from the hose to the metal fittings is carried out using the appropriate diameter with fixing clamps.Hoses Unkas put only cold water.Where there is hot water, should be galvanized or stainless steel.

Unkas provided a second option hot water - from the sauna stove.The water begins to warm up, when there is no electricity, from "the roll".Kalach - a half-inch U-shaped tube, which lies in the capacity for stones and encircles the base of the chimney, that is located in the hottest area of ​​the stove.Incoming end lies on the body and leaving raised 5 cm higher.How does it look from the soul.

Mini Bath from Unkas

Mini Bath from Unkas

Unkas did it because there was no sale of furnaces with a similar structure, with factory circuit, now on the market a lot of these furnaces.This design heats the water to 40 degrees to avoid overheating it, otherwise you may get burned with boiling water.

Unkas notes that the system is balanced, has passed the test of time and meets his needs.


Lighting is done through a separation step-down transformer with 220 V to 12 V halogen lamps are used in the steam room 12 B. fittings podplava, but has been operating for 3 years.


Unkas directed ventilation in the sauna from the entrance toward the far end wall in which there is a hole.This hole is closed only at the beginning of the furnace bath, and all the rest of the time it is open.Unkas believes that this is enough to allow air circulation.

Protaplivanie bath

Steam small 2 * 2 * 1.5 ie 6 cubes.Oven "Tonus" very economical and combustion birch wood perfectly smokeless.
order to heat the bath to 100 degrees you need 40-50 minutes.Furnace steel burn birch wood stock
wood is stored under stove bench.The plans to make a Plexiglas box between the wall and the shower tray to the wood were next to the furnace.

Mini Bath from Unkas


Sauna is designed for operation at zero temperature, from April to November.
operation for three years has shown that it is good for two to three - tolerated for four - maybe in two shifts guy.Steam and four endure, but only in the sauna, no brooms.

The use of hot water with the help of PETN and using the stove to 40 degrees has shown that it is quite balanced and fully meets the requirements Unkas - a.

timber in the shower Unkas try to minimize.On the one hand galvanization, on the opposite side of the polystyrene sheet and, on the other two sides substantially water falls to the floor, which is the end of procedure necessary to wipe cloth.For three years now, and no decay were found.Important notes Unkas, so that the wood could have time to dry before the next bath.If you pour water every day, you rot.A Unkas enjoys bath no more than once a week