Predatory Mouse and Bath

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22 May 2016

and began the first phase of construction of a bath - installation log under the draft at their summer cottage, finishing with and without oven

about four months predatory Mouse collect information from different sources (Internet, markets) and came to the conclusion thatMoscow and Moscow region prices are highly inflated by 40 - 50%, and it is only for materials.

Predatory Mouse and Bath

cost log bathhouse who sought predatory Mouse with a veranda area 2x5 (10 m / q) averaged between 170 and more than 200 thousand rubles.For standard - for timber 10x15!And for houses Prices start from 200 rubles (minimum) and ends at 400-450 thousand.

As you know - he who seeks will always find.And after a long search I found a predatory Mouse Smolensk, Pskov cutters and installers baths of log cabins.Phoned, he negotiated the price of the frame, the installation location, the cost of works.

Predatory Mouse and Bath Predatory Mouse and Bath Predatory Mouse and Bath

Once agreed, it was without papers on parole, after 15 days, February 5, brought frame, and came three Russian buildersof th

e Smolensk region.

Before their arrival, it was necessary to prepare the way to the cottage.The snow was about 50 cm. And predatory Mouse hired tractor that cleaned the road from the nearest village to the site and its area near the house.A place in the cleaning bath itself, because it drains the tractor might get stuck.

guys builders appeared normal and abstainers.Immediately began to unload and prepare everything for the construction.

predatory Mouse decided to install a bath pier foundation.In his view, pier foundation for normal bath sometimes - the most correct and optimal solution.The pits are dug with a shovel bayonet, the land was not very promёrzshaya temperature + 3gradusa.Then filling with sand and compaction.Pillow 15 - 20 cm thick, and took a lot of sand.Then was installed pier foundation of concrete blocks 40 cm high. Between the blocks and logs (logs) laid roofing and waterproofing on top of a piece.

After instructions on how to use the oven, electricity in the country, he left his phone number and went to Moscow, but they were working.The next day, in the evening they have already put the foundation on a bed of sand and put only the first crown.They worked only during daylight hours.

Predatory Mouse and Bath Predatory Mouse and Bath Predatory Mouse and Bath

A few days predatory Mouse came to take the job.After touring all liked it!Everything was done efficiently and accurately.The angles in the leg - also cut down very carefully and without gaps and distortions.Of course, the frame was still raw.It required drying until the autumn.

When host builders cut through the window in the lounge with a margin adjustment by shrinkage and under the sill.As they have been inserted therein and jambs of the door.Doors simply inserted, but not planted on the loop.All this should be dry and sit.Windows left open (not glazed) - that was the ventilation.

workers paid as agreed - 20 ths., Plus a premium, because he enjoyed it.

and total estimated costs:

1. In the frame (all materials on it, including the foundation poles) - 106 rubles delivery.
2. Work on clearing snow tractor to travel and KAMAZ - 4000 rubles.
3. Work on the assembly and installation log - 20 thousand rubles.
4. Bonus for every 1,500 rubles x 3 = 4.5 thousand rubles.
5. In their general expenses - 1000 rubles.
Total: 135,500 rubles.
result - is ready to frame bath

Predatory Mouse and Bath

Subsequent work

When Sly Mouse examined frame outside, looks as usual, but everything inside was originally hewn logs carefully, all the walls are flat, which is very convenient forsubsequent internal cladding and insulation.

able to cut down dry, corners must not be closed.After drying - the corners will be treated with an antiseptic, and can be closed (optional).

oil varnish he smeared the outer corners and log ends of the logs Spila on the porch.Thereby reducing the rate of drying timber via their ends and are more evenly distributed drying logs over their entire surface.It took 3 liters of oil varnish.

builders laid the subfloor (decking 4 cm.) Face down.It is not tightly secured (every 5th board).This is done so that when the boards dry out, it would be possible to raise the floor and turn face up.Initially, the construction of Tricky Mouse did not know where it will be an oven, so after removing the floorboards installation goes 4 concrete blocks for the foundation bathhouse stove.But before fixing floorboards, he will treat with antiseptic and drying oil joists and floor boards below.

Predatory Mouse and Bath Predatory Mouse and Bath Predatory Mouse and Bath

on the market in Moscow saw Tricky Mouse bath glazed windows, which have locking handles and were able to open as normal open window (window units that were in the originaldelivery - could not be opened, they were "blind").He bought two of these window units, put them in glass, in advance, a good fillet and covered it with varnish.The windows were very nice and comfortable.A former window blocks it uses to build a new future hozbloka.

There, on the construction market, he bought a wooden window glazing 30x30 cm for installation in the steam room.This varnish treated glass block.And I set the box in the steam room.

Weeds will be delivered after - when plating.Now there is only one entrance door in a box.The door to the inner box is inserted (to ventilation was indoors).Therefore, after drying it is necessary to adjust