The frame house Igor Antipov

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21 May 2016


house originally conceived for permanent residence Frame house on the first floor, where the planned cold veranda, hall and kitchen bathroom with heated electric convectors.The second floor was planned only for a summer residence, but in the process of building several plans have changed, and it was decided to make the winter all the rooms.But at the same bathroom and running water in the house are planned.It remains - drain the water from the sink in the kitchen, in the pit, in the summer.

task was cheap, but at least qualitatively to build non-residential premises with a maximum living space.Therefore, the size and structure of selected small - 5x6 m.

Laying the foundation

As expected, it all started with the foundation.Antipov Igor decided that in this case, the tape at the price is more expensive piles, and quality - better and therefore was chosen as a strip foundation with a central bar.Belt width - 25cm.Its depth - about 40 cm. At this depth, ended topsoil and began loam.Form panels were

knocked together from planks cut 150 • * 50. Later, they were used in the construction of the frame.Inside the formwork he sheathed glassine using stapler.

Frame house Frame house

upper edge formwork is strictly put on a level that allowed the concrete to fill to the brim and immediately, without sauces and plasters, smooth the surface of the foundation.Concrete kneaded in place four Tajiks.Available mixer was 140 liters and building materials: crushed granite (6 m.), Sand (4 m.), Cement (30 mesh screen.), Water.The entire foundation was poured in one day.When pouring to reinforce the foundation, applied on the lower and upper edge of two reinforcement rods - 12 mm.After the construction of houses will be a ventilation grille.

Floor Covering

Three weeks after construction began pouring the foundation frame.Once the foundation has been prepared, Igor Antipov, I laid on top of the three layers of roofing material and are strictly on the outer edge tape laid board sill size 50 * 150 impregnated with an antiseptic.Antiseptic handled only sill and floor joists.Piping placed on the perimeter, the board frame - edging neobstrugannye.

Frame house Frame house

On the floor joists of the first floor board was put razmerom150 * 50 and placed on the edge.It relies ends (with a pre-sawn grooves) on the foundation and piping, and in the middle of the foundation.Thus, the distance between support beams is about 2.5 m., 0.55 m at the step. Allows you to make a strong, does not bend the floor of the usual edging board (you can do without the tongue and dowel).Igor Antipov thinks it's enough to create a lasting sex.

between floor joists he nailed slats (bottom girders) are laid on the plate of the NDE with a gap between the beams and slabs of 0.8 mm.This gap, he has filled with foam that keeps well (proven, even on wet boards).The heater is placed on the harness and wallboard are put directly to them, and so there is no gap in the transition from the floor to the walls

usual foam was cut with a hacksaw on wood with an average tooth.Regarding the gaps between the floorboards and the foam, then Igor Antipov said that they do not need, and ideally, the entire space between the floor joists (wall studs) must be filled heater.

Then he laid out the floor joists (not rough) of the boards 50 * 150 mm, which then lay finish flooring


The next step, he sawed stands for one-size-miter saw and secured 120 mm nails, secured the corner posts on the level with the help of temporary struts.Then he prepared to board the cantrail, has marked the place where the racks are mounted and secured to the corner posts with nails.Step counters of 56 cm., As he used sheets of NDE, size 1 * 2 meters, cut along the middle.Igor Antipov made this step not only because of the size of the insulation boards, but also for the quality installation of siding.When installing siding on a rack in increments of 1 meter of fixing quality deteriorates.

Frame house Frame house

frame on the first floor Igor Antipov establishes the framework of the second floor.
During the entire fastener assembly is made with nails.Several plates still available.They connect the corners of the frame from the top, but they are not visible in the photo.

Igor Antipov would quickly make a roof, so the foam is installed only in places where it is needed - namely, on the ceiling of the second floor and in the walls of the second floor, which will be closed sloping ceilings and they will not in the future access from the street.And access is needed to spend quality foaming gaps between the posts and boards NDE.Foam fills the gap to a depth of 2-3 cm at the edges.That is done two runs outside and inside the building.This improves performance, and saves foam.

Frame house Frame house

He sought to establish against the foam sheathing boards inside the house.Not everywhere was structurally possible, so sometimes plates were mounted close to the outer edge.Incidentally, by the windows actually foam shifted to the outer edge, as are the window.We can say that he followed the windows and moved.

After fixing the foam where needed time to install the windshield.He began sheathing frame Fiberboard - 3mm plate.This additional insulation and some additional rigidity and ponadezhnee than Foil membrane.

Frame house Frame house

on top of the racks stuffed fiberboard rail (rail disbanded some edging boards) with a thickness of 25 mm.And then, all sheathed vinyl siding Installation of siding

produced from ladders with nails.The design of the stairs with a crossbar, and the support is obtained not only plastic, but also on the box under the rail siding.

In short, the cake consists of wall siding, sheathing, OSB air layer - 5 cm, polystyrene 10 cm, and the inner liner.

Installing roof

shaped roof Igor Antipov did this, because you can build a full-floor, not cut down the rafters and additional racks.The area is not lost.

On manufacturing side trusses and their assembly together with crate took two working days.And he built it almost single-handedly.You do not have difficulties.

Frame house Frame house

Then, the top two of the roof are covered with roofing material, and diagonally stuffed metal strip.She plays the role of struts and thereby prevents the progress of truss construction.Then mount the brackets gutter and fixed end boards, pre-painted with white paint, and they will start laying Ondulina.

Windows Windows made of metal.Dimensions openings were known in advance and the windows were ordered under the finished size.He left on the sides and top of the gaps 1 cm. Podstavochnik placed directly on the bottom of the board opening.Then secure the box to the side stand with four screws and gaps zapenili.

Frame house Frame house

upright when installing control was no longer necessary, as previously (strictly on the level) was carried a quarter (inside of the opening set against the rail architraves).The window was installed inside the house and pressed against this quarter.In the photo it shows.Then, after the foam has dried, we set the metallic sheen to prepared for them a place in advance.The space under the tide (from podstavochnika) zapenili.Thus, tides secured tightly.

That's it - the house is built!