Decorative mill

By Admin | The Hands
21 May 2016

Somehow Serёga222 visited the store OBI, saw selling decorative mill and liked it very much.And then the thought came - And what if you make yourself, "cheap and cheerful»

Decorative mill frame base and walls

basis for plywood mill Serёga222 took yedinichku.Lower size 50 * 50 cm., And the top 30 * 30 cm. The bottom and top of the bar joined four 5 * 5 cm. All the work is performed on the machine.

Serёga222 symmetrically spaced attaching the guide bars raschertil plywood crosswise from the corners and said (to the side of the line) is about 7 centimeters This is done in order to get the low tide at the bottom trim clapboard.Top I did likewise.Then connect the bottom and top.For rigidity design applied metal corners and screws.In the assembled frame filled battens.Edges He took saber saw, very comfortable.

roof frame

roof frame he made on the basis of an isosceles triangle, with cross connections.This gives the strength of the roof on the cross you can score layout, and it is possible to insert an axis wind

turbine.Axis he secured using brackets.In the center of the bar from the bottom of the sheet of plywood he chased a long screw, to be sure, at the bottom do the same.Sheathe the roof you can as you tell a fantasy.

mount turntables

Decorative mill Serёga222 dismantled "killed" the washing machine with a good metal axle.On the axis of the former consolidated wheel vehicle, and then put into the transverse connection (bars with holes).At the end of the spire is a plastic sleeve, which he adapted for the rotation of the blades.For this, he drilled a hole in the spider and inserted the plug.The hole diameter should be less than 1 mm, the diameter of the sleeve, so there was no backlash.


He took 2 bar section 1.5 * 4 cm, measured the distance from the axis to the ground on the length of your favorite (everyone has their own idea of ​​the length of the blades).Then pierce the bar at an angle on the power planners to make the blade pitch.About as expected - if the thickness of the bar 1.5 cm from one side should remain 1.5 cm, and on the other hand, where a 0.5 cm (slant).Do not forget, attaching the axis does not handle (the middle of the length of the bar).The slope should be in the same direction until the middle of the bar, and from the middle to the end of the bar to the other side of the slope.The blades can be made from simple pieces of wood.The width of the blades depends entirely on you, and cut a bevel angles.

Serёga222 did not stop and built-in diode of the mill garden lights Solar.On the evening of gorgeous light effect