Frame cabins on Flamer

By Admin | The Hands
21 May 2016

Because of the lack of places to stay working Flamer he decided to build a framework shed.

First, he decided to consult on the forum about the foundation and after discussion with the forum users, poraskinuv brains, decided that the foundation for suitable unburied wide tape.

Its advantages: a) more resistant to geometric deformation, b) if the need arises, it will be possible to build on its capital structure.

He decided to make two small rooms with a corridor in the middle.Dimensions of the house on the perimeter of 6 * 4.5 m, of which 1.5 meters long side - open veranda.The dimensions of the foundation, he chose the following: width - 40 cm, height - 30 cm.

The construction

First bought Kamaz sand, digging trenches and then hired a guy with a sand podsypku that stamped.I did formwork and fixed it on the pillow Shots shuttering film and leveled on the level.I connected and set rebar and filled with concrete.The three of us worked, while working through all the vibrator.

cabins from the Flamer cabins from the Flamer cabins from the Flamer

inexperience and ignorance turned out flaws: small air holes, so I decided to make the most strapping produhi fittings - better than 12 mm, piping formwork had to lift a littleabove.

Materials at this stage has been spent:
machine sand, 4 m3 of concrete,
170 meters in diameter valves 10,
Polkuba board 100h25 on the formwork (she also goes to the cause, to the cranial bars for sub-floor),
purchased on the frame wall2 cubes 150h50 board of which is consumed approximately cube.
So small things - roofing felt, nails, antiseptic.
Acquired 20 liters bitumastic foundations and processed on top:

Shots surface of the basement and roofing material made sill.

wall mounting

The next step Flamer collected the first wall with step counters - 50 cm, wall height - 3 m, width is about the same.The whole structure was heavy, and probably weighed about one hundred kilograms.After much pondering and tips on the forum using brute force, power cords, and he single-handedly put the first two walls.And then everyone else.

cabins from the Flamer cabins from the Flamer cabins from the Flamer

walls attached to the base did not.This decided to do after completion of the assembly of the box

The next day he asked an assistant of his father, because the second polustenok collect on the foundation he could not.With his father collected.Then completed the last partition under the door, put somewhere beams to strengthen and make mauerlat:

Boards bought and bad to longer stood, he treated them "SENEZH" Heavy Duty (475 rubles / 10 liters per cubic board took about3 cans).


floor joists made of planks 150h50.They are sealed by two spacers and attached grouse 6h90 on both sides and secured to the bottom corners.By the bottom of the lag attached cranial bars.Step between logs - about 50 cm, span - 270 cm.

Installing rafters

Flamer then started the installation of the rafters 150h50 board.Collected 10 trusses.For fastening used 100h25 board, commited nails and wood grouse hex head 90 mm long.Then install the roof trusses with a pitch of 60 cm. The installation of each farm he needed an hour.

cabins from the Flamer cabins from the Flamer cabins from the Flamer

Farms attached to mauerlat area 60 * 60.After all the farms started to establish internal struts from extreme farms to the center.Then with the help of a metal strip made braces crosswise on the outside of the rafters and put the cut.After that, he finally stuck trusses.


While he still leaves quite a budget for the money - 3,5 cube 50h150 board, and a little less of a cube board 40h100.Well over 2 tys.r.Nails approximately 8 kg purchased, gone for about 5 kg.In general, I paid for everything, including shipping, etc. Senezh. Fines of about 35 thousand. Rubles.

crate he had done so that none of the rafters were not solid joints.That can be seen in the photo - just the result of stripes in Extension, missing parts podobyut later.

Installing corrugated

next stage of work - Roof Decking Rooms', Vol cranial bars and unit shields rolling floor.Eaves from all sides will be 40 cm.

insulate the ceiling it will foam, insulation thickness of 150 mm.Have insulated from the bottom, asuntil there is no money.

cabins from the Flamer cabins from the Flamer cabins from the Flamer

sheeting - galvanized sheets is privatized 15 years ago, about the size of 1h1m, the average wave height.Metal thick, much thicker than is available today.

He turned unimportant.First he made a number of errors - the extreme ends of the corrugated board are looking up, but must be down.Everything is done on the roof - trying on a sheet, a nail pierced a hole and screw-screw.

windscreen board pribёt then, and it still attract profiled at the edges.

in the process of laying the roof became clear that the overlap between the rows of corrugated sheet on a long ramp went only 3 cm. In the winter may blow out.All will fall, winter and spring.There was no need to save, it was better to do 4 rows instead of three.

graduated lay decking and then secured the horse.

wall cladding

bought 20 OSB sheathing at the same time and waterproofing Yutafol - then plans OSB sheathing on top, pressing strips that will guide under the siding.They fastened

14 sheets of OSB, the remaining 6 have brought in and fastened with screws to the floor joists, so as not to have stolen.And the next day finished sewing the frame SIR:


now on line at Flamer following works close with something gables, eaves hem, sheathing frame Yutafol.Oh and do blind area of ​​Advance purchase sand and gravel.

cabins from the Flamer cabins from the Flamer cabins from the Flamer

the morning they removed all debris around the house, trimmed ground Shots geotextiles and began to make blind area:

sand thickness of 5-7 cm,the width of the blind area - somewhere meter.On top of falling asleep 5 cm even rubble.All this eventually settle and compact, and have yet to pour.

bought some siding on the hem eaves for a corner using conventional PVC Area, which will close the joints.Small attached to screws with decorative caps.

Bought reinforced adhesive tape company Stayer to glue gap between the GSP.It turned out that she had not kept properly.

then finished filing one overhang made crate for the second, and at the same time from the remnants of boards made crate for sewing gable OSB.

hem siding second eaves made crate and sheathed pediment remains one OSB:

then backfilled with gravel on top of the sand of the blind area.Sand well sealed against rain and everything was filled with gravel.

not fall asleep the whole width - it is still sealed and will spread.

Did crate for sewing the second gable:

In one pediment is only a skylight, while the second will be a small door.
the 50-day construction.In the morning they bought 7 bars 100x100 framework for an open veranda, and a kilo canister SENEZH nails 200 mm.

sawn, processed antiseptic secured where it should and turned porch.I did crate under the porch roof to the rafters and vertical gash.It remains to attach the design corners, add a board 100h40 intermediate rafters, cut the edge of the rafters vertically, making crate and cover the roof Decking.And, of course, to hem and other overhangs. Decoration, but it is then.