Septic own hands

By Admin | The Hands
21 May 2016

To you do not suffer from environmental pollution, lack of comfort and convenience, it is necessary to build a septic tank - sewage treatment.It is necessary to produce quality installation, and the whole system after the construction work as intended and do not cause trouble.


With thoughts about the environment and the comfort of ShuheR arrangement started on his summer cottage septic tank for the disposal of domestic waste water.

ShuheR live in the country permanently.On weekdays in the country live 1-2 people, and on weekends from 2 to 10 people.Drain in a septic tank is carried out of the bath, a kitchen, a toilet and a summer kitchen.


land on which will be placed septic tank consists of fertile soil - 70-80 cm, and then be clay.Where is the groundwater level, ShuheR not know.

ShuheR decided to build a septic tank of the materials that were available, it is:

  • 18 bags of cement m - 500,
  • about 2 m3 of rubble,
  • about 1.5 m3 sand,
  • 4 the pressed sheet flat slate 1h1.5m,
  • metal angle 35 meters,
  • fittings of different diameter (about somewhere meters 130-150),
  • pipe outer lining (red) 2h2metra, 1x3 meters,
  • pipe inner liner 1h0.5m, 1h2m,
  • keramzit approximately 1m3,
  • brick b / y pieces 200.


Often suburban buildings erected on weekends and construction of septic tank is no exception.We started with the digging of the pit size 2h3m and 2m deep.

Plan septic tank septic tank

In the process, the walls of the pit began to crumble, so ShuheR using polyethylene stop the process, and then tied the rebar for the concrete base, and set the formworkconcreted.

construction of a septic tank construction of a septic tank

After concreting they waited for two weeks, until the concrete stronger, and then removed the formwork.Their eyes appeared sad picture - lay loose concrete, and here and there were continuous holes.

Tip ShuheR - Friends do not repeat mistakes of others, be sure to use a fine gravel, make wider and Trumbo formwork concrete.

construction of a septic tank construction of a septic tank

ShuheRu and the company had to patch holes, closing up their patches.Then he sliced ​​the angle iron and built a roof frame of the septic tank.Top packed slate, pre-cut the size of its cells carcass septic tank.For rigidity structure was laid over the slate fittings and everything is filled with concrete.

construction of a septic tank construction of a septic tank

week later returned to the building, and with his uncle, he cooked corner of the frame for the hatch, and then the whole structure overlaid kirpichёm.

construction of a septic tank construction of a septic tank

took another week and at the weekend they fell asleep on top of concrete and expanded clay 15-20 cm thick clay exactly under the roof hatch.Luke produced from flat batteries and then it was closed waterproofing material.


As a result of this work ShuheR and the company built a septic tank with a useful volume - 3.75 m3.The first camera has the size of 2.25 m3 and 1.5 m3 second.Overflow pipe is located just above the middle.Tees has not yet been set.According to the calculations ShuheR through the vent stack air will flow into the septic tank.Outlet pipe is connected to a sewer pipe in the bath, and then displayed on the roof.

spring he plans to dig a trench for additional cleaning and soaking into the soil of "gray water".Trench depth of 2 meters, the bottom 30 cm of gravel cover everything, and the top will lay drainage pipe.

Start using a septic tank is planned in the spring, after all the work