How to make a vibrating table

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21 May 2016

Following the acquisition of the land you want to build a house on it.After the construction of the house, barn, bathhouse and planting favorite flowers you want to walk among the splendor of a beautiful and clean comfortable garden path.

forum visitors alex_dor did not think long, where to look for the right tile for tracks on his dacha.He decided to do everything with their hands - it's interesting and nice.

He began with that acquired the vibrator - single phase ploshchadochnyj IV-99E (220).Then sawed two springs found on the rear axle of the machine and received four springs.They are welded to the four corners of the aquarium stand, measuring 0.7 * 1.2 meters.In spring, the perimeter Navariya square pipe 20 × 20 to make a table.

How to make a vibrating table How to make a vibrating table

During the operation needed to strengthen the table, so it is on top of the pipe welded channel.Under the table, in the middle part of it on the web, welded vibrator.

Experience has shown that for the manufacture of tiles is enough desktop siz

e 0,8 × 0,6 (for alex_dor).Since the power of the vibrator was purchased with a reserve, he weighted the top of the table to 80 kg.

Tips and tricks for the production of tiles from alex_dor

Moulds for tiles he bought on the market.At the beginning of the manufacture of the tiles had to experiment, and now everything works great.

composition of the solution and proportion

alex_dor usually uses two composition for molding tiles:
1. sand + cement
2. cement + sand + gravel

3 buckets of gravel, sand buckets 2 1a bucket of cement + 200 ml plasticizer, water is added to the minimum, and the need for setting a plasticizer solution.It is important that the solution was not very liquid.

To give the right color tile, he bought the standard concrete dyestuffs.

How to make a vibrating table How to make a vibrating table


Before pouring the concrete, alex_dor oil lubricates form IA-20.Applied to the inner surface and the upper side.Before you remove the tile from the mold, it makes them and warms in the sun.After that, they are easy to remove.

To easily remove the tile from the mold, make the device for its heating

In the manufacture of small tiles, technology, forms must be heated for 2-3 minutes in water at a temperature of 60 degrees, then the service life increases.

According to rough estimates alex_dor, if the form to hold 3-4 years they will pay for themselves many times over.

purchased them form exploited the whole summer, and look like new.

In practice, one bag, if it is certainly not the 40 kg, it turns out:

6 tiles 400h400h50,
10 curbs 500x210x65,
Clover 10 sets (large + small) and 290h290h40 210h210h40,
2 large clover rugs 290h290h40,
2 drainage 500x210x65,
2 ground stone 395h160h30,
10 pieces of stone 120h240h55.

How to make a vibrating table How to make a vibrating table


If the table is going to do for yourself, the weight of the table top must be at least 4 times heavier than the heaviest of your tiles.

Moulds for tiles he bought on the market gardener, close to the Ring Road, the tent retail forms.

Vibrating table helps to fill in the entire form concrete.You can do without it, just knock a rubber mallet - it is very dreary task.

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