Saplings of roses, tips on choosing and planting.

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27 May 2016
understand the incredible number of varieties of roses, suddenly appeared in our market, it is becoming more difficult.

And it is important not only to find the most beautiful and fragrant copta, but also to choose healthy plants and, of course, their right to land.

before those who have decided to decorate the plot by these flowers, once there is a lot of questions.Primary - what plants to buy, where and when.

the first question the answer is simple: of course, in nurseries and specialty stores.But be warned: do not get too carried away novelties.Every year on the world market receives hundreds of new varieties in catalogs, representing them, a lot of talk about the merits, but often these disadvantages.In addition, not all new varieties have advantages over the popular old, past years of tests in our climatic conditions.

In addition, choosing a rose beautiful flower, be sure to know which group is the garden you like variety, the right to continue to look after him.

Choosing plants

Rose plantlets can be grafted or root-genuine - growing on their own roots (obtained by grafting).

If a sapling grafted, you must find out what kind of a stock to be vaccinated - this depends largely on its hardiness.The best rootstock is considered rose Kanin (R. canina) .

When buying roses, choose yearlings, the root system that will have a three-year, (the rootstock is grown at least two years).Grafted plants of this age should have at least three well-developed shoots.

Do not be afraid to buy saplings bare-root.If these rose recently excavated, so well take root in the new location.In addition, you can carefully look at the state of their root system.

On leaves healthy seedlings you see spots, stems are smooth, not wrinkled.If the seedlings are bought in the spring, the buds should be at rest (not start to grow).

Most shops can be found in the imported seedlings, packed in boxes and bags, whose roots are sprinkled with damp peat.They sell for January - February.Typically, this is the remains of the nurseries in Poland and the Netherlands are not sold in the fall at home.

seedlings already weakened by the long winter storage, and save them to a landing in the home even harder.If you decide to buy them at this inopportune time, inspect the roots they are most vulnerable during storage and transport.Scrub lightly kilned?Soak the roots in water a day to restore turgor.

Keep a seedling better in a cool place, for example, in Prikope in the basement.No basement - at zero temperature shall carry it on the balcony prikopat in a box or container.

often shoots these seedlings are covered with wax.The wax must be carefully scraped off, taking care not to damage the kidneys.If you plant a bush in a pot and leave the room, he will begin to move into growth, shoots stretch out and transplant them into the ground would have to be cut off.Rose again experience stress and even more weakened.

When planting is delayed for some time, the exposed roots of a wet cloth wrapped or draped with moss or peat, wrapped in plastic wrap and stored for several days in a cool place.Or dropwise.For this plant is spread in a shallow groove along one of its sides, fall asleep roots and shoots of the lower part and tightly rammed earth.

most suitable time for purchase and planting of grafted rose bushes - autumn, when all the kennels are ready for implementation.In the spring, after nearly nine months of autumn-winter storage immobilized or basements, and weakened domestic and imported plants.

Another thing, if it comes to the own-rooted plants.They look weaker than graft and sell them only with closed root system - in containers.Although they sell throughout the year, they are planted in the ground in spring and summer.

But do not fall.The root system of seedlings is not very developed, and under unfavorable conditions the first two years after planting, they often die.And in the first winter - especially.In the third year the plants develop a stronger root system and better winter.

Buying seedlings in containers, choose specimens with well-developed woody stems healthy, strong at the base of the bush!

From own-rooted roses is better to buy a miniature, polyanthus, climbing, ground cover - nice variety of these groups are growing on their own roots.Varieties of other groups, especially hybrid tea, large-pletistyh, Floribunda, Shrub, better and more winter-hardy bloom if they are grafted onto rootstock.

Looking portion

Roses - Plants south, so they selected a site for a sunny, sheltered from the wind.Ground water there should be no more than 1-1.5 m. If the shrubs are most of the day in the shade, they stretch and weaken, and the dew on the leaves promotes the development of fungal diseases.Wind harms plants, constantly shaking the bushes and leaves dehydrate.

undesirable seedlings planted roses at the place where it has to grow roses.

soil is depleted and contaminated by pests and pathogens.Young bushes will get sick and may die.If there is no choice, you have to remove the layer of soil thickness of 50-70 cm and pour fresh.

Do not plant roses under the big trees and bushes and low flooded areas.

prepare the ground

Most grafted roses withstand quite a variety of soil conditions, as growing at a steady and unpretentious rootstock.But it's best suited for them cultivated loamy and light clay soil, rich in humus and well aerated (breathable).In areas with heavy clay soil drainage needs to be done, to make planting hole in the sand, humus, compost, peat.Light sandy soils improved by adding compost or turf the land of organic fertilizers.

Since the root system of the pitch, particularly grafted, penetrates deep into the soil, its treatment should be deep - 50-70 cm, while the pitch own rooted at least 40-50 cm. On the whole depth of the processed layer is made up to 30 kg /sq.m and more manure, humus or peat compost.If organic fertilizer stocks are low, it is better at landing make it directly into the planting hole.The main thing that the earth was loose, well able to pass air.If the soil at the site and fertile bulk, before planting it, you can simply double-dig.The reaction of the soil should be slightly acidic (pH 5.5-6.5) at lands make more acid lime (500 g / sq. M).

planted grafted roses

best time for planting grafted poz in central Russia, as we have already said - the fall (from September 1 to October 10), but can be planted in the spring (from April 2020 May).Many gardeners are afraid of autumn planting, believing that the bush before the winter does not have time to take root.This is not true.If the roses are planted in time for the winter shelter they are quickly take root and spring touched in growth.Exception - stam and non-grafted roses.They are planted in the spring.

Before landing, inspect the bush.If planting kilned, immerse the roots for a few hours in the water.

Remove damaged roots (1).When autumn planting shoots are pruned to 5-8 of the kidneys and remove the leaves (2).

Crop beneficial effect on the dormant buds at the base of the bush with a strong skeletal shoots, and helps to avoid such troubles, as drying in the sun and the wind.

By planting any shrubs, particularly with tap root system, it is helpful to use a clay mash (clay, manure, water - 3: 3: 10), you can add rooting stimulator, such as "Kornevin."

If the site is just being developed, the planting hole should be 60 x 60 cm, a depth of 60-70 cm. At the bottom lay drainage of pebbles, broken bricks, and then poured a layer of fertile soil mixture - up to 40 cm. But if the land has already been developedand fertile, the landing pit can be smaller - 30 x 30 or 40 x 40 cm, depending on the size of the roots.It is undesirable to make it fertilizers, better to let the plants take root first.

When planting is important not to bend the roots, and place them evenly, asleep ground (3).

For it is well distributed between the roots, the plant is gently shaken hands clutching the soil around the bush (not to be void), and then further compacted by foot.Planting depth should be such that the root collar was completely in the ground.

Planted bushes profusely watered, even if the soil is moist enough.And be sure to spud the ground at 10-15 cm - it protects the base of the shoots from drying out and holds soil moisture (4).

A to spud an additional shelter shrubs to a height of 30 cm. In the spring, after emergence of the kidneys and the emergence of shoots 2-5 cm bushes razokuchivayut (preferably in cloudy or evening hours).

until the plants take root, it is important to make sure that the soil does not dry up.Slowly start to grow, or the dried plants are watered heavily.

non-grafted roses are planted

Own-rooted roses are planted from May to August (they should be implemented only with the closed root system).Pre within a week they were quenched in the penumbra.The shoots are cut, as sometimes by changing the temperature of the place and the leaves turn yellow and fall off.Planting hole twice as wide and dig a little deeper container.When planting try not to destroy the earth com, planting 2-3 cm deeper than the plants were in pots, spud, watered, pritenyayut from direct sunlight.Non-grafted roses planted on the raised ridge better, as their root system is afraid of waterlogging in the winter.


Liquid fertilizer complex "Russia" for the roses ("Seliger-Agro") for root and foliar application.Its regular use ensures a good survival rate of plants, improves decorative properties and increases resistance to bacterial and fungal diseases.

Bushes placed so that the crown eventually closed and formed a continuous carpet.Compacted planting creates some difficulties in the care, prevents good ventilation.But its disadvantages are not as significant, but the benefits are obvious.

"Gardener" №9-2006