How to prepare roses for winter

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27 May 2016

harboring or shelter?- The question is, who in October disturbs all holders of rosebushes.And if you cover, how, what and, most importantly, when?

All you need to cover the roses?

No, not all.Species and old garden roses (with a few exceptions: Chinese, bourbon, tea), even in the most severe winters do not need shelter.This is explained by their special winter hardiness is very simple: they bloom, usually one time early finish their growth, and their wood is good time to mature and prepare for winter.

, modern garden roses were created specifically to delight us with their continuous flowering from early summer to late autumn.A "eternal" is accompanied by continued growth flowering shoots, which in the middle lane did not have time to ripen winter.Therefore, almost all modern roses need shelter.And most of them are winter-hardy - bush (Shrub) - too.The only exception among modern shrub roses - a group of hybrids rose wrinkled they also early bloom and re-bloom they are not very abundant.

What determines how well spend the winter roses?

Firstly, the hardiness of a particular variety.Winter hardiness of varieties within the same group of garden is different.

Secondly, the condition of the plant and its preparedness for the winter.

Third, the weather conditions.

Finally, by way of hiding.It is clear that not all these factors are subject person.

it possible to prepare roses for winter?

influence the weather, we can not, but rose as much as possible to prepare for the upcoming winter tests we can.There are simple farming techniques by which shoots roses ripen better.

As is known, nitrogen contributes to the formation of vegetative mass and delays the growth period.Therefore, in the second half of the summer feeding nitrogen fertilizers rule.In August and early autumn roses are fed only potash and phosphate fertilizers, which stops the growth, promote aging of wood and increase plant resistance to cold.

Another effective method - nipping growing shoots in early autumn.By removing the growing point of the shoot growth stopped in length, and nutrients are deposited in the kidneys and tissues.

watering and hoeing also reduces to a minimum, and the faded flowers are not cut - for the same reason, so as not to encourage further growth of the shoots.

October pluck leaves gradually - first on the bottom, and then on the remaining branches, removing and nevyzrevshie shoots.The plant is deprived of natural breathing and the ability to feed through their leaves, and forced to prepare for winter.

Will it harden the plant?

Stability roses, as we have said, largely depends on their condition at the time of the onset of frosts.It is clear that a strong, healthy and fit better the plant will take and sudden changes in temperature, or cold.

Rose bushes, in which the summer and early autumn was a good healthy foliage (not affected by insects and diseases), accumulated a large supply of carbohydrates, and it contributes to successful wintering.Over the truncation of flowers with long leafy shoots weakens the plant.Worst winter and rose growing in the shade, since the lack of lighting they accumulate fewer carbohydrates.A slight decrease in temperature (just above 0 "C) in the middle of autumn, on the contrary, contributes to its accumulation.


main coverlet; material - it snow, it was he who most reliably protect roses from frost. The rest -spruce branches, leaves, lutrasil - serve only for his detention. At 25-30 degrees of frost under a layer of snow in the 50-70 cm temperature falls below -4-5 "S.Therefore, shoots and bends to the ground, so that they are necessarily covered by snow.At low snowpack have throw it further.If the snow does not fall very long time, the roses may die, despite all efforts.But in cases where from the beginning of winter a lot of snow will fall and it is not melting, until spring, modern garden roses can spend the winter in the middle lane without additional shelters.

With further cooling (-2-8 "C) cells in plant tissues are dehydrated, and carbohydrates are converted into sugars and fats - substances that protect plants from frost. That is why it is impossible to conceal rose too early - the plants have to go through all the natural processes,ie timely complete growth and go into a state of rest.

Unfortunately, hardening - a reversible process. Acquired resistance to frost can be lost again if after a significant drop in temperature suddenly established a long warm and wet autumn. Rose touched in growth andwill spend the accumulated reserves of carbohydrates, and if it is then sharply hit frosts, the plants will be difficult to go through these swings.

Do I cut the roses before hibernation?

Pruning leaves

purpose of pruning autumn - to prepare the bushto the shelter. Therefore, once blossoming garden roses and rose hybrids are not wrinkled autumn cut, their shoots are not bends to the ground (with a few exceptions, such as grade & amp; ී Rugelda & amp; ී), since they do not require shelter.

Shoots hybrid tea, floribunda, polyanthas, miniature roses pruned to half their length.Re-blooming shrub roses, climbing large-during the growing season can reach a height of 1.5 m or more.In late October, they cut by a third.Climbing roses are not trimmed melkotsvetkovye only in early September, pinch out the growing point.

If you have not previously broke off the leaves of roses, do so immediately before the shelter.Harboring leafy plants can not, as the process of respiration and evaporation of water will continue.Under the shelter of high humidity may cause rotting of not only leaves, but shoots.Rotted over the winter leaves become distributors of diseases.For the prevention of fungal diseases, all the leaves and cut branches should be removed from the beds and burn, and plants to process a 3% solution of liquid Bordeaux.

nevyzrevshie, sick and weak shoots will transfer low temperatures and can cause death of the whole plant.They were removed to the ground.

How to cover roses?

Before shelter dug the soil under roses (with a bayonet spade), taking care not to damage the roots.Shoots Shrub and climbing roses need to bend down to the ground and put on a layer of twigs.In order not to break the powerful plants, bushes break in one hand and placed, prishpilivaya shoots to the ground.

Shrub roses for winter okuchenny

then spud bush - or rather, to the base of the bush pour a mound of dry land with a minimum height of 30 cm. The cut hybrid tea roses and floribunda The result is almost completely covered with earth.In shrub roses (after being bent to the ground) spud the base of the bush, you can sprinkle the ground and shoots.

Hilling helps keep the plant a large number of buds, and in spring it will be possible to use any method of pruning.The air temperature under the shelter of such a reliable earth (even in the absence of snow cover) while still much higher than outside.

However, with hilling roses for the winter, too, should not rush.It is better to do it in two stages.Since mid-October at the base of shrubs gently pour the ground to protect against unexpected early frost.And finally spud just before the onset of permanent cold.

undesirable to use pure peat, sawdust or sand - they are very water capacity and sharp fluctuations in temperature in winter, roses can be formed ice crust.From its pressure on the bark of the plant will crack through which to penetrate the infection.

Hilling - the best kind of protection of the root system.But - attention - the land is not raked to the beds, as it is bared to the roots of plants, and pour (it can be compost, humus or just loose ground).In addition, the soil between the rows can be hidden layer solomistogo old manure, shredded bark or rotted leaves.

When the earth lightly podmerznet (in the middle lane, usually in late October - early November), finally rose harbor.Do it better in dry weather.

sheltering spruce branches roses

One of the simplest materials used to cover roses - a layer of dry leaves or twigs with a minimum thickness of 10 cm. However, it is reliable in relatively mild winters.If no twigs, can be used oak leaves and plant residues that are not pereprevayut over the winter.

more reliable way to cover roses - air-dry.Frames installed on bushes 50-60 cm tall, the top and side stack any Insulating material, such as gidroteploizolyatsionnuyu paper, glassine, paperboard.Covering: polyethylene film.The end faces of the shelter is closed when the temperature;drops below -10 "C.

harboring lutrasilom top lapnika

Air-dry this method is called because when it bushes are protected against moisture penetration hut accurate, and a layer of air protects plants from hypothermia. EspeciallyThis method is reliable in the harsh snowy winters. But using it can only togas who is on the site is constantly ooze arrives early spring: the air-dry shelter in March rose must be periodically aired.

As cover stam roses?

Landing shtambovoy rose further in view of the ground prigibaniya

About shelter standard roses still need to take care when planting them. That is the right to determine which way they can be bend down to shtamb not lay down, for example, ontrack. In order not to break the bole, bend at the base must be on the side opposite the inclination

harboring shtambovoy rose

have pre-cut trunk crown (according to its belonging to garden group), then the plant to breakon the one hand, bend down to the ground and root spud.If necessary prishpilivayut.

placed under the canopy of spruce branches or trunk mat made of coarse sand and placed on top of another layer of twigs, securing it with foil or non-woven fabric.For greater reliability can be lightly sprinkled on top of the ground.Do not put the crown trunk below the level of the soil, as in the valley during thaws or in the spring to collect water, and shoots vymoknut zagniyut.


About hardiness roses can be judged by its color.It is best to spend the winter varieties, with red and pink flowers.Worse - white.And the most vulnerable - the yellow variety.

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