Autumn planting of conifers

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26 May 2016

came the last month of autumn - November.Many gardeners do planting flowers, ornamental trees and shrubs.The knowledge and experience of growing garden plants are gradually added skills lawn care or rare plants.

wrong to think that by putting in a garden ornamental plants and arranged the entire site lawn, you will loose a lot of time to rest.

Planting plants with closed root system is allowed at any time of the year.However, you should know the nuances of follow-up care for these crops, because, as a rule, planting material is grown in greenhouses, often in countries where the plants "never dreamed" of our climatic conditions.

Winter planting of large trees with closed root system of the plants are not afraid - they are in a state of rest.During spring and summer planting is enough for a month to create them pritenenie and often carry out spraying, do not forget about watering, the plants had to adapt to new conditions and timely prepare for a period of rest.

Fall planting gives a lot of has

sle.For example, in September, you put a little Korean fir height of 0.5-0.7 meters. All done correctly: dug a hole with a diameter of 50-60 cm and depth of 70 cm;poured drainage layer at 10-15 cm. If the area heavy soil;We make nutritious, with a good structure and a weak acid substrate for filling the pit.Gently shake the roots, a dense network of Entangling soil in the pot.When planting spread their lateral roots;do not bury the trunk;as follows, watered and not allowed to dry the substrate, and the crown is regularly sprayed.For such a plant can not survive.


If you're just after landing zamulchirovat not a substrate, it can be done now.When using humus, compost, peat and non-acidic rotten sawdust layer of mulch should be 5-7 cm. If you've applied a loose material (dry leaves, chips, nut shells, sphagnum moss, or pieces of bark), the layer thickness can be increased to 10cm.


Also warming the root system, a young Korean fir crowns require protection against sunburn and cold winter winds.The best of them - the thinnest nonwoven white.The frame of thick wire rods or done in such a way that, in all weather conditions (gusty, strong winds, heavy rain, heavy snowfall) nonwoven fabric does not touch the crown and under extreme conditions no closer than 10 cm from it.To decrease the deflection of the nonwoven material may be pre-throw frame and attach a piece of cloth or wrap it with a rope, and only then wrap two or three layers netkanki.Replacing the thin material, even one layer thick (density of 47-60g / m2) is unacceptable.

In winter, the place shelters toss the snow - it will help deter sudden changes in temperature and weaken the onslaught of the wind.Remove the non-woven fabric should be in the spring after the last snowfall (end of March - beginning of April) and had fallen by chance you need to shake the snow, so that when it melts does not burn the delicate needles and twigs.

If you have not fulfilled all the necessary conditions for planting of coniferous plants is that it is not lost on the one hand to undermine it and make a piece of flooring strips, sticks and twigs.Tilt ephedra along with a clod of earth at an angle of 30 ° to the ground and the top of the tent Pitch dense twigs.In the spring, remove cover, and as soon as the soil dries out a bit in the garden, transplant the plant properly.

Do not forget that the Korean fir loves good lighting and the loneliness it is not a hindrance.Dark green upper part of the densely arranged needles, silver-blue "wrong side" (screwed out on the fruiting branches), and violet-blue fir cones make this extraordinary.

conifers in the landscape

garden ornaments can be any coniferous plant, and when several of them in the garden, the tinkling of the purity of the air is filled with intoxicating aroma.Fascinating look group planting conifers not only different families and genera, but also different varieties of the same species.At arrangement of the site and planting the plants it is necessary to consider not only their combination of color and shape, but the rate of growth.Only the dwarf and slow-growing conifers will not be for many years to break the proportions conceived composition.Successfully selected conifers indispensable in artificial rocky gardens.They play a huge role in mixborders in which take part along with the equivalent vysokodekorativnymi shrubs and flowers.Simply look hedges and borders of conifers, but even with a perfect selection of plants requires great skill, "barber" and skilled approach to their cultivation.

According to the magazine "Outdoor Life"