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26 May 2016
"Andalusia" - "Andalusia" (group tsiklamenovidnye)

Narcissus long and successfully grown in our gardens.It really undemanding plant that does not require constant attention of the gardener.We just need to know the rules of farming and, of course, do not forget to carry them out.So I answer the most common questions about Narcissus.

What terms are optimal for planting?

known that Central Russia is the period from 15 August to 1 September.As soon as the soil temperature drops to +8 ... + 1D C and hold in a range of about two weeks, you can start planting.Why is it important to comply with these terms?Before freezing the soil need to form a root system, but there were leaves.Early planted and having got to the growth of the bulbs can freeze slightly during the autumn frosts.Late planted bulbs take root poorly or not at all have time to take root, they are more susceptible to winterkill and spring is almost in bloom.

What if already October, and the bulbs are still not planted?

You can talk about the best planting time, but for some reason most gardeners do not fit in them.Firstly, because there is the magic word "sale" when the road suddenly become cheaper bulbs.Secondly, because the coveted grade catches your eye, "according to the law of meanness," too late.And thirdly, will we not escape from the famous Russian "maybe."

extreme landing success depends on several factors: the magnitude of the snow cover, the minimum temperature in winter hardiness and chosen varieties.As a rule, the most tender are triandusovye, zhonkillievye, tatsettnye and some terry daffodils.

"Curly" - "Curly" (a group krupnokoronchatye)

Now tips for those who decided to plant daffodils still not time.

Choose a location where the wind will not blow snow.

If you know in advance that will have extreme landing, cover the bed of something dense, for example, a piece of tar paper or linoleum.This is to ensure that the land is not frozen and it is possible, it has been digging.I know one woman who covered old ground Palas.

If ice crust formed after all, you could try to split it with a crowbar, cast hot water or light a fire.

need to be planted bulbs deeper than usual, about 25 cm from the stems.

Landings reliability harbor any materials: lutrasilom, agrilom, dry grass, spruce branches.In extreme cases sprinkled turf.But the best option - 5-10 cm layer of dry leaves.

You can put daffodils in October or even November, during the thaw.

large, healthy bulbs for forcing suitable varieties can be planted in pots or box and put into the cellar or on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

How to keep the bulbs bought too early?

often happens that the planting of daffodils sold well before planting.In this case, store the bulbs in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area.In urban areas this approach the bottom shelf of the refrigerator or a glazed balcony.The plastic bags are not recommended to keep the bulbs inside the closed package is condensed moisture, which causes rotting.

"Ice" - "Ace" (group krupnokoronchatye)

How to choose the best place to land?

Wild daffodils in the course of its development adapted to different conditions.But for the garden daffodils considered most suitable loam with acidity of 6.5.On poor sandy soils, the plants will bloom well the first time only at the expense of previously accumulated nutrients, then the bulb shallow and stop flowering.Narcissus sufficiently moisture-loving culture, but very moist soils, flooded by melting snow for him unsuitable.

If you only master station, information about the level of groundwater can be found in the district administration, the architect or surveyor.But there is a way to self check.In the area closer to the fall to dig a hole depth of 2 m. When it accumulates and sludge water, measure the distance to the unallocated water the soil surface.If it is less than 1.5 m, need to drain the lot.Stagnation of water leads to the development of disease, decay and death of the bulbs.It is best to choose a flat, open land, protected from strong winds, at least partially illuminated by the sun.It should be borne in mind that varieties with pink and red crown, with a bright rim around the edge of the crown is better to plant in partial shade, as they quickly fade in the sun.

How deep to plant bulbs?

When planting many bulbous plants adhere to the following universal rule: embedment depth of three heights of the bulbs, the bulb has to be over a distance equal to twice its height.It is 15-20 cm for the large onion in daffodils, and a superficial landing (10-15 cm) for small bulbs and children.Planting depth can be changed depending on your goals: for early flowering and rapid increase in the number of bulbs should be planted a little smaller than recommended.

for later flowering and the slow increase in the number of bulbs on the contrary - is deeper than recommended, provided that there is good drainage.How far planted?It depends on the effect you want to achieve, and on the specific size of the bulbs.Minimum distance - 6-12 cm. For landscape compositions daffodils planted randomly and at a greater distance than the minimum, since such a long time of landing are the same place, and strongly grow.

Can mulch planting daffodils?

use of different natural materials for mulching of the soil subtrees, in flower beds and beds has now become very popular.In addition to the aesthetic impact, mulch prevents the growth of weeds, stabilizes soil temperature, retains its moisture in the rain prevents flowers from the mud.

daffodils suitable for any loose, organic mulch.The most common example is chopped straw, sawdust, hardwood, cut grass or pine nuts shells.

Can daffodils grow among the trees?

In vivo daffodils are growing not only in the meadows, and the woods.Therefore, adequate lighting place is ideal for planting several varieties, which under these conditions grow well and develop.You can place them on the edge of the tree trunks, choosing varieties that grow and bloom to full blooming leaves on the trees.

should not be planted under evergreens or in a deep dense shade as daffodils will bloom poorly.

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