Alstroemeria - lily of the Incas

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26 May 2016

This elegant flower is also called "Peruvian Lily" and "Lily of the Incas."Now he is at the peak of his popularity.And what is interesting: the South American beauty is readily available to Russian truckers, especially for those living in Lipetsk, Tambov, Belgorod and south.

Sun shine

Alstroemeria will grow well in the sheltered areas of the garden with a lacy shadows.She does not like the sun.If the soil is clayey you on a bed should add peat, compost soil, straw, dead leaves.Sandy soil season rotted manure and peat.Lime is not necessary to rub flower prefers neutral or slightly acid soil.

main difficulty in the care of a flower - to keep it in the winter.Tubers Alstroemeria withstand only slight freezing of the soil.We recommend that you cover yuzhanki proven way for the winter.In the fall after the first frost shoots are cut, dried up the soil over the tubers with a thick mulch (not less than 25 cm) layer of dried leaves, covered with foil on top of that, do not miss the water.On the
film is poured soil and humus layer at least 25 cm.

area shelters should four - five times the size of the bush.If your site is located north of Tula and Kaluga, be sure to dig up the tubers in autumn Alstroemeria and store them in a box with sand or peat as dahlia tubers, at a temperature of not more than 4'S.If spring shoots the South American flower came under freezing and killed (and lily of the Incas rises with tulips), it does not matter: the rhizomes of new shoots grow back soon.

Pink beauty

Any technique that promotes abundant flowering Alstroemeria: on a bush leave three strong shoots, break out the rest.But this does not apply to young plants.

flower can be propagated by seed.In April and May they sow in individual pots with a mixture of peat and compost soil, lightly pushing seeds into the substrate.Cover the container film.

sprouts appear within 3 weeks.Then the film is removed.Seedlings are planted in flower beds Alstroemeria after spring frosts.It will bloom the following year.

flower tubers divide as well as the dahlia tubers.They are planted at a depth of 10 cm. Peat mulch Earth.


The variety allows the use of Alstroemeria in various landscape compositions: Tall plants (more than a meter long shoots) are good in the flower garden with roses and hydrangeas, undersized (less than 20-30 cm) - along the tracks.

The bouquet lily of the Incas can be up to three weeks, if every day not to forget to change the water in the vase.

B. Belyaninova agronomist

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