Candles for the holiday.

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26 May 2016
Best suited for decorating the apartment balconies and decorative pepper or hot.

Ornamental peppers can be painted not only in the familiar green, red and yellow, and purple, purple and even creamy.He will decorate the apartment, heated loggia better than indoor plants.Smaller peppers on the branches constantly look up and look like multicolored Christmas candle.We present to you a group of the best varieties: Indian Summer, Carmen, The Bride, The Queen of Spades and Salute.

Decorative does not preclude the use of these cute little peppers in cooking as the spicy seasoning to the second dish.

plants have therapeutic properties.In folk medicine, it is used from time immemorial as a diaphoretic and means of stimulating the appetite, reduces joint or muscle pain.

HOW it is grown

This plant lives 3-5 years.From germination to full ripening takes at least 120 days.Ornamental peppers -vesch capricious, when it is grown, you will need patience.Seedlings need to wait 20 days, and sometimes longer.For
soil temperature, you should take a closer.Seeds germinate only at 24-26 ° C.Before sowing, the ground is useful to shed hot potassium permanganate to prevent rot that attack the stem, and later on the fruit.The substrate in the boarding box should be loose, light (preferably contain about 15-20 percent coarse sand).

Sweet pepper brings very painful damage to the roots when transplanting, and his brother is quite decorative tolerant to this stress.This means that it can sow the first in the box to the ground, and then the seat with two leaves sprout in a separate container.

If seedlings barely take off a tough seed coat, they can help by sprinkling the plants with water.After the disclosure of cotyledon leaves seedling box put as much light place apartments, where the temperature is kept at 20-24 "C.

Transplant in pots with a capacity of 0.3-0.5 l do in phase 1 to 2 true leaves. Do not forgetthat pepper virtually forms adventitious roots, so when planting shrubs can not bury above the cotyledons.

CARE Seedlings

With the growth of the plants should be transplanted into larger pots in size. Terms transplant can be determined by the behavior of the rootswhen shrub grows its pot, the roots tightly entwine soil com, and then begin to "run away" through the drain hole. Notice "escaped roots", then you need to transplant the plant into a container with a diameter of 2-3 cm more than the previous one. If you have already grown sweetpepper, then immediately you notice that its bitter counterpart at all stages of growing more slowly than most varieties of sweet. This is normal.

useful to put the pots in a warm season (15 ") on the loggia, a balcony, where a lot of sunlight. (It is not recommended to put the blooming hot pepper next to the flowering sweet because we offer varieties of each other quickly and easily cross-pollinated.) Nad16-17-muzlo prischipnut top of the plant is necessary to strengthen and increase lateral branching bush decorative. Like its "sweet cousin," hot pepper loves frequent watering with warm water and organic-mineral supplements. On the plant can attack mites and aphids. Not bad helps fromtick the least toxic to human drug fitoverm from aphids use fufanon.

HAIRCUT once a year

Fruits and hot peppers decorative unlike sweet are constantly upwards. The plants will be similar to fairy cakes with colorful candles. Mature fruits of a long stick,Decorating bush, then gradually dry up. Flowering and fruiting occur continuously until November.

However, if placed next to the pot and a table lamp to increase the length of daylight, it is possible to extend this period.In winter, the peppers should be placed in the most light and cool place apartments (14-18 ° C), reducing watering and fertilizing to a minimum.Very useful periodic leaf wetness by spraying with water defended.

In February, you can rearrange the pots in the south window, where the temperature rises to 20 ° C and more.At this time, useful crop plants, leaving the lateral branches stumps length of about 5 cm. At the annual renewal pruning may retain decorative peppers (bloom and bear fruit) to 3-5 years.

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