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26 May 2016

Along with careful care (heating, lighting, watering, fertilizing), one of the most active methods of influence on the growth, development and growth of crop plants and are shaping their garter to the trellis.

these operations should begin within 3-4 days after planting rooted plants tying twine to a horizontal trellis.

On the main principles of formation of cucumber plants in a greenhouse covered in this article.

Who "Ogurechnikov" knows how important it is - to form a plant.Not shortened side shoots on time, thicken landing - and by mid-summer sneak in a greenhouse with difficulty.And in the crush any disease multiplies rapidly.Many gardeners do not understand it and too lazy to form the cucumber plants.And for good reason.

When growing cucumbers in greenhouses should pay special attention to the formation of plants.This is an important agricultural practices regulating the growth and fruiting of cucumber.With proper formirovke a fruit can provide optimal load and get stronger plants with well-

developed root system.

in greenhouses is the most common method of horizontal trellis.At an altitude of about 1.8-2.2 m rows of pull wire 4-5 mm in cross section along the ridge at a distance of 40 cm from one another.To use a garter plants twine thickness of 3-4 mm.By garter start 3-5 days after transplanting.Plants turn to tie the two trellis wires.To the top trellis twine tie and fix its wide loops (including bulges) at the base of the bush.With this plant keeps upright.

cord must be taut, not be allowed poddergivanie plants - the roots of cucumber poorly retained in the soil, they can be easily pulled out.As the plant stalk him regularly, but at least once a week, twist around the twine in a clockwise direction, leaving the tip free.Upon reaching the main trellis wire whip her swing the twice around the trellis.The stem at the same time not break or crack.To do this, first turn it can tie up with string to the wire in a figure eight.At the same time remove the antennae, which absorb nutrients, and Entangling sprouts leaves.

If the plants in greenhouses are not promoted, can significantly reduce yields because of the oppression of plants caused by the thickening, the appearance of shading and stem rots.Also awkward is to care for plants and harvest.Most of the hybrids formed a significant part of the crop in the main whip.To maintain a favorable balance between vegetative and generative form part of the plants in the stem.You should also pay attention to what was chosen as a hybrid - or branching type with limited branching.The first requires continuous operations on the formation of the bush, in the second, they can be minimized.

Modern greenhouse hybrids forming mostly female flowers, form follows.During the first month of plant growth and increase gradually reach a height of 50 cm or more.In the axils of the leaves they formed shoots and buds, which must be removed to improve the formation of a powerful, well foliated plant.In the future, about the same throughout the length of the stem when the plants reached half its height, forming the side whip retain prischipyvaya them on top of the first leaf and female flower (the first tier of fruiting).On this site formed 4.5 shoots.

By this time, with good care the plants have time to form a strong sheet metal machines and greatly accelerates the process of photosynthesis.With further growth of the plant leaves lashes longer (50-60 cm), prischipyvaya them on a second sheet with two ovaries.Otplodonosivshie by this time the lower lash cut and carried from the greenhouse.In the rest of the stem to the trellis shoots pinch out on the third or fourth leaf.They are simultaneously formed the same number of female flowers.On the side shoots of the middle and upper layers of the formation of new Scourge of the second order, respectively, which pinch out on the first sheet and the ovary and the second sheet with two female flowers (ovaries).By the end of the growing season formed zelentsov grow normal size fruit.

cucumber hybrids type of female, not male flowers forming, formed differently from the base of the stem to a height of 85-90 cm pinch all shoots as soon as they become available (at a length of 2-4 cm).Subsequently, all make the same manner as in the above hybrids.Stems above the pinch at the height of the tapestry of 20-30 cm above the 3-4th leaf, bending down and obvorachivaya around the trellis and directing all one way.To avoid hanging, their tie to the wire.They can be formed even with 3-4 fruit.

On stems of hybrids of the first type should be formed of 4-6 fruits of the second type - from 7-8 to 10. A changeover lateral shoots leads to the forced removal of a significant part overgrown with large leaves lashes.This leads to waste of plastic substances plants and spray the plant and reduce significant injuries early and total yield.It should be pinched out the shoots in a timely manner to carry out during the first 1-3 months of growth in the greenhouse.

In the second half of the growing season (and sometimes before) is obligatory slice of old yellowing leaves of the lower tier.Systematically removed and all the ugly and damaged fruits and male flowers (in parthenocarpic hybrids).

As you can see, nothing complicated in the formation of a cucumber does not.And believe me, properly set up the plant will repay you a rich harvest of high quality