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26 May 2016
They can be used in a bouquet of flowers as blue goes well with yellow and green.

feverweed (Eryngium sp. L) .- hardy perennial herb that occurs in wet spaces of South America.The genus comprises about 230 species.Its flowers are collected in capitate inflorescences, have a blue, blue, amethyst, blue-steel color and gorgeous big blue prickly bracts that resemble old starched lace collar.Feverweed has very decorative leaves: large, entire or pinnatisect, often with top and kolyuchezubchatoy leathery surface.Prickly and tough are also quite large bracts.However, no thorns does not stop fans of these plants.

feverweed highly valued in the gardens of the wild-type, in the English gardens.In northern eringium better shelter for the winter.Tall types are planted in groups on lawns, in mixborders;low - to rabatkah, rocky gardens.

feverweed indispensable for those who prefer a calm, cool colors in the decoration of the garden.Many fans of flowers feel that prickly flower undemanding to the soil, because
he has no broad leaves or large inflorescences.

But actually feverweed can grow and bloom only in the fertile land, which is also well water tight.A native of mountainous areas used to grow on alkaline soils.Therefore, the landing site is useful milled powdered eggshells or ashes.It will also contribute to more intense color of flowers.

feverweed planted in loose soil.On heavy clay soil if it regularly loose, especially after a heavy watering.In June, flower stalks tied up to a support, they grow up to 70 cm. Fancy flowers with thorny sepals bloom in June and stay until late autumn.

can wreak feverweed in November, right on the flower bed, and in February or early March, potted, who put on a light windowsill.Seedlings appear in about a month, but can hatch and on the 20th day.The room temperature should not be less than 18 ° C.

seedlings are seated in individual pots in May - on a bed.

feverweed bush grows quite magnificently, so the distance between plants should be at least 40-50 cm. Likes sunny areas of the garden.

Svetlana Bochkova

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