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25 May 2016
can, of course, do not trust the "star" soothsayers.Yes, and how to determine who is actually not encouraging your successes?Yet spiderwort is really able to become a real keeper of your home.It is proved that this plant cleanses and moisturizes the air, neutralizes the electromagnetic radiation.The man, admiring his greens removed eye strain, improves mood and even breathing becomes easier.

Tradescantia (Tradescantia) refers to a family Commelinaceae (Commelinociae).Among its members - a lot of hardy perennials - like thermophilic, which are used for indoor gardening and frost grown in open ground.In total there are about a hundred species of plants - with erect or fragile, lying on the soil surface stems.At home, in Central and South America, spiderwort grows in the swamps of tropical forests.In middle latitudes it is found on the banks of rivers and streams in shaded corners of the forest.

as a decorative garden plant one of the first, even in the middle of the XVII century, began to grow Tradesc
antia virginiana (T. virginata).It ustoychivyi perennial with straight stems in the beginning of vegetation, forming a dense shrub.He has a pretty powerful I root system that can go into the soil to a depth of 40 cm. The stem is covered with double row folded along the midrib, narrow linear leaves up to 20 cm. On top of it - two large, similar to bract leaves, and abovethem is a complex umbellate inflorescence.The flower Tradescantia no nectaries - it attracts insects only bright color corolla.

flowers in the inflorescence open alternately - daily from one to three.By mid-afternoon whisk not shed and does not dry up, as many flowering plants and shrinks, becoming a lump.The three sepals, folding, tightly cover it - the outside is only a pestle.So prolonged time of pollination of the flower.Once all the flowers blossoms on a central stalk ottsvetut, flowers begin to open inflorescences lateral shoots.Therefore flowering began in late June, in fact, it continues until the end of the season.Different varieties of Tradescantia virginiana flowers can be painted in all shades of blue - white and pink are less common.

On the basis of this hardy species hybrids have been created, called spiderwort Anderson (T. x anderso-niana) - in honor of the American botanist, is engaged in research of this plant.For ornamental horticulture derived many varieties of Tradescantia Anderson with a different color is quite large flowers and leaves.

experience growing Tradescantia - Virginia and Anderson - in the middle zone has shown that it is quite hardy plants.


Some experts recommend Tradescantia planted in a sunny spot.Under natural conditions, it can be found in forest clearings and open meadows, overgrown grasses, protects the delicate flowers from the hot midday sun.And yet, if you're going to grow it in the garden is better to choose poluzatenennoe or even a shady place.Spiderwort flowers are short-lived, and in the shade they stay longer - on cloudy days to almost four hours of the day.The garden planting Tradescantia not tolerate hot and dry July, characteristic of central Russia.In those days, the flowers may not be disclosed.

Although the plant can withstand drought, because of its tissue of stems and leaves are adapted to this, in the heat it needs to be every evening to spray warm water.The soil at the landing site should be humus, loose and moist but not waterlogged (Tradescantia should not be put directly from water).


This plant can live for years without transplants.For it is well developed, as in the spring fertilizing the soil make the standard rate of complete fertilizer (20-30 g / sq. M), closing up to a depth of 6-8 cm. From the moment of flowering is useful to once every 10 days in the evening to make liquidfeeding a weak concentration.Better use of mineral fertilizer "Kemira-combi" by dissolving 1 tbsp.l.10 liters of water, the rate of 5 l / sq.m.


Tradescantia easily propagated vegetatively - bush can be divided from spring to mid-August.It should be borne in mind that when digging its powerful root system will inevitably be damaged.When planting delenok long roots pruned to 15 cm. At the same time, and cut off the aerial part of delenki, otherwise it will not take root.If you divide the bush early in the season, the plant root system regenerates easily and quickly take root.In July and August, especially in hot weather, should be rooting for delenki pritenit even cover two weeks - mikroparnikom or a piece of covering material.Well propagated by stem cuttings Tradescantia and with two or three internodes.They are well rooted in 2-3 weeks mikroparnikah and overwinter in the soil.If the fall and winter will not be severe frosts, overwinter cuttings rooted even in late August.

in central Russia have spiderwort seeds ripen, often is their self-seeding.And although seed propagation varietal features of plants are not saved, you can get the seedlings varied with beautiful colored flowers.

addition to highly valued decorative another remarkable property of Tradescantia - resistance to disease and pests.They prefer light moist soil, but can easily adapt to any habitat.Able for a short time to endure the lack of moisture, since, like other members of the genus have a special layer of cells in the sheet to accumulate water.And it's not afraid of weeds.

Singly and in groups

in ornamental horticulture from Tradescantia different varieties form small flower beds, located in the shade of trees.They may also be in the visible part mixborders.In such a plant the flower beds "sitting" tight enough, so tie their stems are not necessarily unstable.2-3 Tradescantia able to diversify trading planting ferns hosts Heuchera or lungwort.This effectively will look like undersized varieties, animating monotone flower beds and tall, placed in the background.Always attracts large shrub Tradescantia planted separately from other plants - powerful, with a lot of stems, forming a hemisphere, it is especially good in the morning.

Modern varieties of Tradescantia Anderson vary in height from 20 to 60 cm. The leaves can have a purple or bluish tint, obtained even zheltolistnye varieties.Perianth rose petals and flower size sometimes reaches 6 cm. Its color has become very diverse: pure white, all shades of blue, pink, purple, lilac.At the same filaments and the inner sides of the sepals are often different in tone from the color of the corolla.

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