Water garden with his own hands

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20 May 2016

first option to supply its country house of Alexander were not satisfied and so he decided to remake everything

After much anguish for instantaneous heater and pump "Little Boy", Alexander came to the conclusion that:

  1. pump "Kid" too noisyand does not provide the desired performance (number of liters per hour).What
  2. for giving warm water need a very voracious flow heater, the power of which not less than 9-11 kW.It's quite expensive and not very convenient in terms of operation (need to wait for the heating and constantly thinking, no matter how knocked machine and turn off other appliances).

He therefore decided:

  1. Put in the shower room flow heater is not too high power pump and replace the "Little Boy" on a more powerful and quiet.
  2. make normal water in the shower and the kitchen on the principle: opened one tap - Hot water flowed in sufficient quantities - opened another tap - and cold water flowed too in sufficient numbers.


When buying villas Alexander were very lucky with th

e well.The former owner seriously approached the production of the well.In addition to locks on the rings, it rings in the laying into the ground around them vertically put the valve and scald it.The neighbors who live around it did not, so some of these wells are shifted ring.

He has eight rings in the well.Eighth - top, and seven - in the ground.Six rings in it is constantly filled with water.Water from a well pump, two pumps (Alexander allowed to pump water to the neighbor for the pool) water while out for a maximum of two rings, and in the morning - again full well.

Water house

After collecting information on the Internet Alexander decided to do everything myself.First, I sketched in Visio approximate diagram of the entire system.

Home water supply scheme

As a solution to the first problem he acquired flow heater 6 kW company ETALON (2000 rubles).He chose it because inside the flask and stainless steel inlet and outlet of water on the metal fittings are twisting their projections for the wrench (or were before fitting plastic or metal, without grips wrench when tightening as they cranked tube crushes).He also bought a cheap sump pump company "JEELEX Drenazhnik 170/9" with float switch.

started with the installation of a small pumping station adjacent to the house change house-warehouse.From the well to the pump, Alexander paved reinforced yellow hose.Takoyzhe hose he handed to instantaneous heating of the earth's surface.The well is located in the seven or eight meters away from the house built cabins.From the pumping station to walk - about 12 meters.So Alexander decided not to do too powerful pump station.The water supply system will be used until the frosts.Before the frost, he would empty the entire system.

Once everything was thought out, he made a list of components, parts, supplies and tools.Based on the fact that up to the pumping station will go reinforced hose.And then - everything is made of smaller diameter metal-based.The result is not a small list (there are all sorts of angles, adapters, wall mounting, reinforced hose, metal-scissors, keys, metalloplastovaya pipe 20 meters).

on all the details it took more money than she is a pumping station and storage heater together.It was purchased required number of valves (including the back, on the hose in the well), a pair of filters (coarse and fine cleaning) and an additional pressure gauge, couple parts for making shelves, supports, purchased in a shower mixer.

The heater he bought 80 liter storage heater dual-mode "Thermex" for 4700 rubles.And as the pumping station "JEELEX Jumbo" 60/35 - 3500 rubles.Pumping station installed on a makeshift stand-shelf s quarters attaching the entire structure to the wall.

storage heater "Thermex"

for primary water filling system - to make additional crane and fastened to his car clean funnel.

nearby hung a clean filter cleaning.For the convenience air bleed button on the filter - it made additional fastening a bolt, which puts a bucket - to the venting of air water is not sprayed.

pumping station

From the pump goes comb with two valves and then goes already metalloplastovaya tube into the house to shower and to the storage heater.

pumping station

After assembly, the entire system had to spend one day on the additional tightening of screws and connections, as well as for setting the station itself (injection of air and pressure switch setting).Disadvantages of a pumping station that supplied the documentation is not being sufficiently coherent instructions for configuring the pressure switch, so the appointment of two protracted nuts had to learn the method of "scientific spear"."Scientific Method" showed that a nut - Adjust the frequency of switching pressure, and the other - the period of inclusion (for a time included).

As a result, the pressure switch it set up so that the station includes 3 - 4 times per hour for seven seconds.Enabling the station does not stop even at night, because the walls of the house well insulated, and the station is located outside the home.Consumed power stations - 600 watts.And the inclusion of its 7 seconds - much electricity consumption does not cause.

Home for laying the hose from the station to the well was that from the pumping station to the well has been downward slope of at least 1 degree.That is - the hose should go downhill along its length to prevent air pockets in it.Therefore, the most time consuming thing was - prodolbit upper concrete ring (he pecked almost 4 hours - planted with several drill bits and burned weak punch) to make the entry into the well at the end of the tilt stretched the entire length of the hose.

Where will low-pass pipe or hose - he put two drain valve to make it convenient to drain the water from the system before winter storage.

Savings heater can operate in a rapid heating in standard mode.That is, with the rapid (Turbo) mode - the heater consumes 2.5 kilowatts, but heats the water faster.In standard mode, the heater consumes 1 kilowatt, but the heat longer (this mode to maintain the desired temperature).Maximum temperature - 85 degrees.If it is exceeded, the thermal switch off the heater.So he will not turn on if it will not have enough water.When installing and operating the storage heater Alexander had no problems.When you open the tap - water with excellent pressure goes both hot and cold.In general - the shower running.Kitchen (Moidodyr) -water supply goes.I get the normal water supply.The wife - happy.The daughter - happy.Alexander, too.

approximate cost of installing a second embodiment of the main water supply:

  1. Savings heater - 4700 rubles.
  2. Pump station - 3500 rubles.
  3. clean filter cleaning (big blue) with a cartridge - about 1500 rubles.
  4. Filter with pressure gauge - 1200 rubles.
  5. Metalloplast 20 meters around 1000 rubles.
  6. hose reinforced with 20 meters - 1000 rubles.
  7. Mixer - 800 rubles.
  8. valves: a valve taps, adapters, fittings, angles, and for metal-hose.Every tool: scissors, keys, scan, fum tape, flax and various fasteners - 2000 -2500 rubles.
  9. Installation time - 2 days 6 hours a day.Much time was spent on the calculation and layout (how and where to lay), the purchase of all the component parts and to transport it all to the country.

total amount - 17,000 rubles.I bought everything in the Lublin construction market near the shopping center "Moscow").

get comfortable, quality and budget.


At the end of April, Alexander came to the country, a 15-minute all inclusive and ran.The system after the winter including without problems.Of these 15 minutes 5 minutes spent on something that would pump air pump GA, 7 minutes - to fill the system with water from the well by hand for the first time from a watering can, and three minutes to fill water heater (bleed air out of it).

Everything works fine and stable!