Construction of houses for the well

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20 May 2016

As befits every summer residents, Igor dug in his area well.Well, The cold water - it is good, and the beautiful fountain with roof is great.

Went Igor Markets look "House for a well ..." After inspecting what vendors offer, come to the logical conclusion that if cheap, not quality and shaky, if safe and it is very expensive.The conclusion came by itself - all you need to do with their hands.On this issue, he did not find any guidance on the construction, all invented by himself.

construction house

of timber 50 * 100 Igor made a square frame, so that the distance between the parallel sides equal to the outer diameter of the ring.Then frame lined the horizon.In the frame vertically installed two racks of the same timber, and secure them to the height of the racks.

Choice height influenced by two considerations:

  1. Aesthetics.
  2. Wish wife - a bucket of water should be raised to such a level that it did not need to pull his hand out of the well, and it was quite easy to simply move the effort on t
    he shelf.

Next Igor put the rafters, which made cuts in the frame and the rack.He cuts turned at an angle of 45 degrees.


The most difficult part of the work was related to the spindle.For him, he carved out by the wind felled tree log and Okoro his ax.Drill drill petal on each side of the opening width of 2 cm. And a depth of 5 cm.

in abandoned and broken on the collective farm truck found "curve starter."To the metal parts of the spindle is not rubbing on the rack, I made two sleeves with the plates and crashed them into the rack.Subsequently, these sleeves smeared with grease.

Attachment of spindle

Cut the "curve starter", put it in the side of the rack.When the starter section must take into account the width of the columns and the future house trim.In the eyes under the log diameter made two plates with holes for the screws and the starter.Then I put on a plate on the ends of the starter and weld them so that the rest of the ends (about 5 cm.) Can enter the holes in the beam.

then put a log on the ends of the starter and tighten the screws.The upper part of the uprights interconnected bar 50 * 50.

holes in racks under the spindle drilled petal drill at such a height that the chain is wound on a spindle not rubbed on this bar.

On one side of the carrier frame nailed a board 150 * 40, and to the side where the door is nailed two boards (they will serve as a shelf for a bucket).It is on these boards house will be held at the well.

Then he made a frame of a door, hung on her door and an abundance of all the blockhouse, which remain after pruning building cabins.

construction "House for well" Igor painted Belinka: 1 layer "base" two layers toplazuri "nut".Skate painted pine along the same lines.

for the construction of Igor spent about 3 000

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