Building outdoor shower at the cottage

By Admin | The Hands
20 May 2016

who has his country plot with a house knows that the living conditions in each garden partnership are very different.And depending on the circumstances of the country house construction is carried out.


Tatyana conditions are such that it is more profitable to build an outdoor shower, combined with toilet.Being far away from the problems of building this structure it represented a 4 poles and tank top.But the husband, like many men, I decided to do everything thoroughly.I dug a pit nearly 1.5 bayonet, covered with sand.Formwork they took the neighbor b / y by laying the foundation of his house.We fix it, and poured the foundation.Concrete: 1 part water, one part tsement500, 3 parts sand, 2 parts gravel (mean).

Upstairs shower is located evrokuby.The height of the shower (2.3 m from the floor), and the plate is flooded, because they ground heaving, and the top will be a ton of water.Water from the tank still be used for drip irrigation hose, therefore, the higher the tank, the more pre

ssure is more convenient to pour.

Concrete kneaded using a mixer Hammerlin190.Works fine, no problems, just a plastic cover did not fit fasteners.


After the foundation was time to make a base for the floor of the timber, and metal fasteners.Waterproofing between the beam and the foundation there, working off his soaked and
laid the foundation.Then we put a floor on which the walls have begun to raise the frame.


They put the frame and adjust it for the film Yutafol wind-seal section, and on top of an imitation began sheathing timber using finishing nails that all the time strove to bend than displeased men.

As a result, the walls were covered with three, and is scheduled to make two front windows.The height of the windows trying on the place, the left will be the toilet - so that you can read on the right sink, too, need light, because as long as there is no electricity.The height of the door measured the growth of Tatiana 180-190sm husband to beat his head on the lintel are not.

scored roof boards and covered on top floorings.Under twists they put on vagonine to under the tank roof does not sag.Rather big tank - 750l.More spent water from the tank to the outside shower and faucet for watering.PVC sheathed wall panels.Installed shower.

on the roof will be flat and evrokuby tank soul.Water from a well with iron, so shower water tank will come after standing evrokuby.And then Tatiana and her husband had planned, instantaneous water heater in case of cooler weather, but just have not decided yet.

soul chose to watering with one position, only the hose longish when you lift up, pours very weak, almost vertically down to descend, fine.Bought NEVA4511 gas heater, but it is unlikely at this pressure it will work.Most likely you have to put the barrel electrically.Heat collected from the generator.The generator has a capacity of 3.8 kW,

from the drain the shower hose, they paved the staff, the slope determined by eye.The pipe lies on the gravel.The depth of the drain hole - two bayonet.At the bottom of gravel, concrete block in the middle of the rubble and over again.The water is filtered through the gravel and into the earth.They calculated that the use of 2-4 persons on the weekend more than enough.Toilet peat, so only water from the shower would go into the pit.The pit will be covered on the top and decorated of vegetation.At the end of the tube is a grid that would be small animals do not climb there.


During the construction of the soul remains of materials used in the construction of the house: Yutafol, planks and twisted beams from which halves relatively straight, floor board, of which half went to the floor.The foundation went on the tube and the remains of an old fence reinforcement costs so little.Cube they would peat toilet also bought only shower and protochnik gas cylinders also large own.