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20 May 2016

Andrrrey first wanted to put TOPAS even gager invited, but declined both financial and technical reasons.Perhaps it was his first mistake he made during the construction of a septic tank at his dacha.TOPAS - like a foreign car probably cleans well, but if it happens - will be sure to consult specialists.Septic

Septic not to depend on experts Andrrrey decided to build everything itself.Long went and compared the proposed market ready septic tank and plastic containers (in terms of price-volume).In total, he stopped on the containers of the company "Anion" - S1700 and two SN3000U.All these tanks, he decided himself to connect pipes.It was the second mistake: set them to the desired slope and fit pipes - proved no easy matter!According Andrrreya ready septic tank, with all its shortcomings it will save a lot of time and nerves!

construction of a septic tank

First he built a sand and gravel filter.In terms 3,5h2 m, sprinkled, as in his area groundwater close.This results in a "dune" of 40 cm of gravel, 10 cm of

sand, and on top of a box of concrete blocks, overlapping several layers gofrolist and put on top of insulation - waterproofing and soil.

Then he began to drip with the assistant for septic pit.Error three: it was impossible to dig too close to "dunes."Clay to recline comfortably, but only for the time being.With the deepening of the well to approach it is almost gone (one side of the fence, on the other - "grown up" dune).With great difficulty, they dug a pit.

In order to reduce the cubic capacity of digging Andrrrey all three containers are not arranged in a row, and a triangle.It was the fourth error: winning on digging a little, but to set them to the desired level has been very difficult.

while digging in the pit of standing water, it pumped drain pump.There was made the fifth error: reinforced walls of the pit - so they constantly break down.

To make a base of concrete septic pit he Shots polyethylene.The venture failed, and it was the sixth error polyethylene broke when it lowered the framework of future boards, it was triangular in shape - from pieces of pipe and fittings.If the pit was rectangular everything would be much easier.

During pouring of concrete for the foundation had a septic tank to tie, but it failed to do.This is the seventh error.

Error Eight: buying on the market nylon rope Andrrrey not checked it in tension.He stretches.You can not tie it tightly.

When Andrrrey rolls on the track capacity septic tank and single-handedly lowered into the pit, he found a crack in the bottom of one of them.This ninth error that almost became fatal.To restore the tightness of the tank had to fill it with sealant, and enclose the bottom flashing and nothing happened, integrity has been restored.

long time he urged the connecting pipe between the container and eventually everything fell right.The pipe is laid from the house, as it should be with a suitable slope: 40 cm by 16 meters.Backfilling - sand with cement, 10: 1.

Andrrrey then lowered into a third tank sump pump with float (JEELEX, very weak, 200 W) and worked !!!It

- happy end all stories with numerous errors, but no matter what system of wastewater treatment works fine.

conditions of septic tank

Thinking Andrrrey planned to build a septic tank to make it three-chamber, a volume of 3 cubic meters He believes that it is enough for them.

scheme is - capacity 1.3 + 0.75 + 0.75 cubic meters.It is important that the overflow (from one container) began tee whose lower end is lowered into the water to 30-50 centimeters.In this case, the next container will be exposed to the fluid medium from the previous layer container, that is - well supernatant.

"Anion" offers quite a comfortable rubber cuff.Cut a hole in the septic tank, a little wider than the tube, insert to the cuff (it has a notch, so sit tight), and it exhausts pipe 110. It is for the reliability of the connection filled with sealant.

first vessel S1700 has a working volume of about 1.3 cube, which almost corresponds to the three-day rate of runoff.

second and third capacitance - additional clarifiers, they may be a smaller volume, so that all of the products, "anion" SN3000U it came.

After a month of operation of the system is confirmed by the idea of ​​putting three tanks: the first all very "dense", in the second - cleaner, and the third - almost clear water, though with a characteristic odor.It's the deep sump pump directs "dune" - sand and gravel sprinkled.


Three capacity totaling 3.3 cube (working volume of about 2.8 cube) with extension neck, covers the aforementioned rubber cuffs and delivery of 20 km from Moscow in cost 48,500 rubles.More thousand spent on connecting pipes, tees, etc.
The result was - 50 thousand rubles.

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