A fence of corrugated board

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20 May 2016

lived on earth 10delta, and all he was good, but when he and his family came to the country and looked at the fence pleasure of staying at the cottage evaporate ... .and then decided to demolish the outdated 10delta fence, but instead build a new one fromsheeting.He began with an outline of future construction, calculated what amount of material and fasteners needed for the construction and purchase in advance all the necessary material to spring without delay to begin construction of the fence.

work it counted on the weekends, when there is opportunity.There was nowhere to rush him, but before the end of the year would certainly make a fence.


10delta spring began construction of a fence from a neighbor's land for development of the technology.During construction, he sometimes drew his father.In the summer it was all sorts of cases and the heat in which is not particularly work on.In the autumn he started to build the facade, which ended in early December.

materials and tools

The plan was supposed to make the fence 50 meters: 30 meters of the facade and 20 meters from the neighbors at the height of the fence 2.5 meters.To implement his plan, he purchased a square pipe next section / thickness:

  • for fence posts 60x60 / 2 mm;
  • pillars for gates and wickets - 80x80 / ​​3 mm;
  • horizontal slats 30x30 / 2 mm;
  • for woodwork and wicket 40x40 / 2 mm;
  • for internal frame gate and wicket 20x20 / 2 mm;
  • for "antizaglyadyvateley" 10x10 / 1.5 mm.

addition to corrugated pipes he bought the C-8, 0.5 mm thick, chocolate-colored RAL8017, wheelbarrow on two wheels with a deep tray, drill two incisors and the water level.More sand and needed a car schebёnki (size 5-20 mm),

construction fence

all started with the installation of corner post from which the fence is constructed as a facade, and from the neighbor.To install the post he drilled a hole to a depth of 1.1 m, made of tar paper tube, which dropped into the pit, and the upper part of the roofing sliced ​​flower petals pinned to the ground with metal rods, in order to cement during casting himself in the tube of roofing material,established post and filled it with concrete.As planned before, the column height from the ground was 2.5 m.

installation corner post

After installing the first column, he began marking the territory for installation of pillars from the neighbor.Firstly because it was more convenient, and secondly, I decided to work out the methodology of building to fence with the facade looked like candy.I mark the location of future holes and drilled them.Acquired drill, was very easy to use, per well, he spent 20 minutes.

10delta then using the water level has decided to "catch" the horizontal poles to align, but he had nothing came of it, the instrument of junk, he removed it to the barn, and instead bought a laser builder planes Robotoolz RT-7715-2.with which made all the necessary measurements in just two minutes.After that, he left, pulling on a thread marks, align its poles and the top of their produce concreting.The next day, he painted the pillars to avoid rusting.

cleaning rust

should be noted that 10delta spent a lot of time to clean the poles and bridges from rust.She had to clean off the metal brush mounted on the grinder.First he cleaned poles, covered them means "Antirzhavchina" concrete and then painted.But later he began to paint first and then concrete, so it was easier and more convenient.In a similar way, he began to enter and horizontal beams - first prepares them (cleaned of rust, covered "Antirzhavchinoy", painted, and then slicing the desired pieces - welded.

10delta welded crate not on the pillars between them. So it is much more attractive,For corrugated crate sitting on as "glove", instead of "floating in the air." This method of mounting battens requires additional costs, but in the end it's worth it - the fence looks flawless, besides it's easier to mount cutting, because the side of the die-cuttingare attached to the centers of the pillars, and the top is pressed through a corrugated roof screws and no need to weld another jumper to secure the bottom of the cutting - and so it "sits" fairly hard. After welding, lathing, he cleared out all the welds and painted them. Then, re-painted pillars andcrate.

While the paint dries, he started preparing carving. Acquired cutting size was 1960h240h3mm.The distance between the posts about 2.5 meters, so the missing part of cutting had to cook a little longer.After welding seams and stripping it of its twice painted foam roller - and cheap and stained all the holes in the die-cutting.

painting carving

In the next phase it is fastened with screws to the die-cut frame, and then sheathed fence Decking, which is also attached to the frame roof screws.To the appearance of the fence I had finished appearance, the top he found the tide, which also protects the pillars of the penetration of moisture in the rain and snow.Thus, it was the fence that separates it from a neighbor.

fence from the front

With laser builder planes 10delta noted places where holes will be located under the posts and with the help of the drill holes drilled.

As with the previous manufacture of the fence, he had already cleared the pillars, and the future of the crate rust covered "Antirzhavchinoy" and painted them.Made of tar paper "shirt", he dropped them into the holes and set the posts are concreted, aligning their height and line of the facade.

Of planed boards he made formwork and have fitted her film.At the bottom of the pillars joined 2 fittings for 8mm, set the formwork and poured concrete.After solidification of welded horizontal battens, welds cleaned and painted.After drying, the entire structure painted roller for the second time.While the paint dries, it increased its die-cut to length and painted 2 times.Only the facade, cutting from the outside had to paint in the color of chocolate, and a nutria - in light gray.

The fence from the front

Before concreting, the gate to the posts and gates, through a pad thickness of 4 mm (use 2 pieces of PCB) pressed clamps side goalpost and gates (which are pre-cut from the tube 40x40mm with a small margin at the bottom), and picked up the garage welding loop.Clamps removed and tested ease of opening the loop, everything turned out as it should.Setting the clamp in place, fully welded hinges and strip joints on the slag.The gate and the gate came out flat and accurately fitted in all planes.

hinges for gates and wickets he used imported, because they have a bearing, and secondly, if you look at their section, then it is not round like a common garage loops and drop-shaped.Therefore, when welded to a pole and the front gate there is no need to install shims under the hinge halves or to weld them corners!

After the preparatory work he screwed and die-cut corrugated board to the frame with screws and set top reflux.At the construction of the fence has been completed, backwardness to build gates and wicket.

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