The original suite of bottles

By Admin | The Hands
20 May 2016

Lack of funding has to be creative.When you can not spend money without counting, we have to use your loaf.

Materials used for the construction of

for construction gammadeon bought toilet - toilet seat and cement and other materials used \ y and fluorine materials:

  • 12 bags of cement;
  • 1200 empty bottles (beer, vodka);
  • 900 bricks;
  • 40 meters valves;
  • 90 pieces of tile.

build latrines

First of all, gammadeon dug a hole and put the bottom of the battle brick and wire and everything is filled with a solution of cement.After hardening raised pit wall bricks in a row (the size of a brick 120h170h200).

finished wall he built formwork laid fittings, put the box under the "reset" and the piece of pipe for pumping out and poured concrete slab.The thickness of the base plate toilet turned 15 cm.

From the base he started raising the wall of the empty bottles.As a result, he left it: the back wall and in front of the toilet to get straight, and the side walls of the oval

Pro masonry

After pouring the foundation gammadeon oval painted on it and it started to put the wall of the bottles with the help of the level.The main thing, in his opinion, to put right the first row, and then put the wall of bottles to be easy.Each series of 6 bottle wall, he reinforced wire.

When installing a door he had to tinker, because it was difficult to dock wall with the door frame.But I found a way out - I had to cut a brick in half at an angle of 45 degrees.

roof and finishing

roof frame he is a master of the armature with the expectation of shingles.Skates sawed pieces of slate and secured with wire.Interior trim made from scraps of boards and perforated aluminum, and has been used a strip of plastic and tile fight.


We had to put waterproofing the walls and leave a hole under the hood indoors.When in a hurry poured baseplate forgot to make a hole in the formwork for drawing, so there was one output thrust tube into the hole for evacuation.


If the light turns dark time in the toilet, outside it becomes like a UFO.And interestingly shows no silhouettes, bottles scatter light