Drain rainwater

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19 May 2016
Each summer visitor knows that in the rain lost a lot of precious water, which can be used for various needs, especially, for those places where shortages of water or no water supply.

Many collect it in barrels and other containers.Our Vasilich no exception and always kept under the iron barrels gutters gutters.

It would seem that everything about him is good - there are drums, they going in the rain water for watering the garden.

but do not like him that when it rains and when the wind is strong jet of water dangle from side to side, and this much water is lost.And at the same time, the house formed puddles.

Vasilich and then decided to do the normal drains.

process of making gutter to collect rainwater

First of all, the roof should be installed trough from which the water falls into a funnel that Vasilich svёrnul of galvanizing.

to funnel with screws, he screwed the plastic pipe with a diameter of 40 mm.Place connections for tightness and strength of the processed sealant.

then funnel hung on the pipe trench.The bottom of the pipe, he gave the board with cut and fastened it to the water tank.

At the bottom of the receiving barrel it hit the crane.Next to the barrel put a low tank and fitting it is also punched.Both containers connected by a hose.

Low tank is necessary not only to collect water from a watering can conveniently take water for irrigation.

If the barrel tank and distilled, it is possible to connect a long hose and dump the surplus into the drainage ditch.

Vasilich made two such gutter.Summer operation has shown that it works, the way he planned.

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