The first building on the dacha

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19 May 2016
Dacha bought in 2006 - it was still a piece of land on which the grass grew freely.For planting flowers in some places the vegetation mowed.Soleina husband immediately decided to do farming and bought the car crushed stone and sand ... In general liked them on your site to plant flowers, and then there's mother sent her husband: apple, cherry, currants, gooseberries.And they began to develop suburban expanse.

On the site before the construction of the toilet was not a single structure, except for the construction of the basement under the bath which had to be frozen due to the crisis.At the same time it made the first attempt to dig a hole for a toilet, but at a depth of 40 cm there was water that was used for watering the summer flowers.

Construction toilet

There was another summer.Soleina with her husband came to the country, mowed the grass trimmer and then her husband took a shovel and began to dig at the spot where last year was going to put the toilet ... and so carried away that he did not n
otice the two-meter hole dug.

Then they bought four barrels, two of which are used for the toilet.Husband punch holes punched in barrels, Soleina Kuzbass barrels painted over varnish.Together they wrapped the barrel reinforced with tape, and was lowered into the pit, and the free space around the barrels filled with rubble.

The next step husband Soleina sleepers procured and brought them to his car to roll up their pre-film.Ties were installed in the right place and leveled.For the construction of the frame they purchased timber 50x70 and 50x50.

Soleina thought that for strength to do jib and connecting beams in the lock structure is otherwise unstable.But the man with friends convinced her that this is not necessary.

More has been much debate on the size of the toilet.As a result, a compromise was decided to build a toilet size 1,3h1,4 meters.Constructing frame painted his stained walnut and started to sheathe clapboard.Then we make the roof, and all covered with stains structure again.

structure to get a good, but a bit dark.To refresh it closed outside corner joints and covered with pine stain, and on top of "hoarfrost SENEZH."Corner became pale yellow with a cream shade.

for doors they bought the board from a larch, and the day she was ready.We cover the roof and floors made of expensive, but so beautiful flat floorboard.

week later they went and bought a brown-tinted glass to glaze over the door opening.It turned out great.And then her husband cut up barrel to understand how to make seat.The toilet on the right edge of the shelf built for a variety of accessories.

here and winter came.It remains to make a handle for the door and set the seat which her husband Master of the house.

At this point in the construction of toilets Soleina spent eight and a half thousand.For that kind of money in the summer in a store selling rough structures called "suite" the size meter on.

Summing up the work done we can safely say that the construction of the toilet with his hands justified.

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