Drainage system with their own hands

By Admin | The Hands
19 May 2016
after spring floods and torrential rain - flooded basements and cellars, and the soil near the foundation of the house sags, family holdings and preservation of vegetables floating in the water, and the foundation of "my house - my fortress", slowly but surely destroyed.Can you solve this problem without substantial capital investment, and, preferably, on their own?

answer is yes - and his name - the drainage system.Of course, without the necessary materials can not do, but what you can save a tidy sum for hiring experts - that's a fact.

consider this issue as an example of the cottage with a perimeter of 10 * 10 and the depth of ground water 1.5 m.

Along the perimeter of the building at a distance of 3-5 meters from the foundation dig a trench 0.5 m wide trench to do .."downhill" - the highest point in the trench (1 - 1,1m) is the highest point in your area, and the lowest (1.4 - 1.5m) - to be displayed in the sewerage well, which in the concrete ring well perforatorpunches a hole 12cm in diamete
r.Thus, a 10 m length of the trench, its inclination must be 10cm.

half the battle done.Now we need gravel and drain pipe.Crushed need to create a protective "cushion" and the tube - to drain groundwater.To properly calculate the amount of gravel required, you multiply the length by the width of the trench, and multiply by the height of the cushion (the recommended height of cushion - 0.5 m).For this example, the formula would look like this: 40 * 0.5 * 0.5 = 10 cubic meters(Where 40 - a running meter trench 0.5 - trench width, 0.5 - the height of the pillow).

to the Main - pipe

Many do not even know that there is a pipe "in the hole" and that it was not a marriage manufacturer, and a very wise decision.This pipe is made of PVC, and it is this we need.Buy a tube with a margin of 1-2 m and in any case do not skimp on insulation for the pipe, otherwise all your efforts and investments are simply buried in the ground.Without pipe insulation will last only one or at most two of the season.

So rubble there, the pipe is - start packing.Wake up to the entire trench with gravel to a height of 20cm.Wrapped with insulation pipe coil 1-2, the insulation every 2-3 meters are fixed on the tube (tape, duct tape, twine).

laying pipe in a trench - one end of the output in the sewerage well, the second sealing (hemp, cellophane).Carefully and gently fall asleep pipe evenly remaining rubble.Then we go to sleep trench.Your drainage system is ready!

How does it work?

When groundwater rises, the protective cushion of crushed stone acts as a filter, greatly limiting the penetration of the pipe sand, clay and mud.For the same purpose is pipe insulation.The very same insulation absorbs water, passing it into the pipe, and serves as a protection from those layers, which has not managed rubble.And it is not difficult to guess the slope water pipe goes quietly into drains.The foundation of your home under reliable protection, and in the basement dry.