Greenhouse Polycarbonate

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19 May 2016
for construction of greenhouses he bought:

  • 116 meters square tubular profile of 2.5 cm thick.The cost of 1 meter - 42P.Total - 4872 rubles;
  • 2 x 12 m polycarbonate - 11,000 rubles;
  • shipping - 1000 rubles;
  • 150pcs screws, 4 hinges, latches 2 3/4 packs of electrodes (2);
  • 5 kilowatts of electricity - about 500 rubles.
Total cost of materials amounted to - 17 372 rubles.


skating morz put the sheets back to back, and closed up the seams with duct tape (if necessary, you can tear tape or glue the new one).A colleague at work morz buy branded ends for polycarbonate, but it did not help - in the ends of the water falls, and they darken.

On one end of the greenhouse is made pane, and the other door to enter.To strengthen the structure, he screwed roof screws every 50 cm with the use of broad goals.

Polycarbonate for greenhouses was cut in such a way:

greenhouse design specifically to fit the size of polycarbonate sheets.Two sheets of the roof at one end and a cut along and attached t
o the sidewall.

morz saw in the store the greenhouse (galvanized).It was sold for the same money, but he spent on materials, but without delivery and assembly.
However, she was shaky and unreliable.

wonderful Greenhouse survived the winter and are not bent.

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