Small house with their own hands

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19 May 2016

all started in August 2008.Tima decided to put on a completely empty area while a small house to be able to come in winter and summer, and live during the construction of the main house.

foundations and walls

First of all, in the local market, he purchased the building materials: edged board, plywood, insulation and six blocks.All this he had introduced to the area.Then place marked out for the future house, said the place where the foundation is laid, dug a pit depth of 20 cm made of sand and gravel bed under the foundation blocks.

into blocks spread a waterproofing of roofing material and arranged on top of the sill beams of 150x150 mm.But first tima to his wife sewed piping 6 mm plywood, then turned and laid in the resulting box insulation.

To make such a difficult operation were brought to the wife and father in law.After laying the floor on top of a heater tima sewed two layers of plywood 12 mm along vrazbezhku and 9 mm plywood crosswise.As a result, the floor thickness was 21 mm.The two

layers of plywood glued together with white glue it.

The next step, he sawed and processed antiseptic boards on the walls and called friends to put a wall.He invited two of his friends who knew a little building.One sysadmin and another pediatrician.

Together with friends, he put the wall and the top rail, and the day ended, and with it, and their free time.A tima with his wife kept together with plywood sheathing frame house until all the walls are sheathed.


to the door did not touch the edge of the roof, its slope, he decided to make 25 degrees.Attic beams - rafters made of planks 25h100 mm.Each of them to be sure it is attached to the upper trim metal corners with 100 mm screw nails.Ridge board has a section 50h150mm.For the stability of the buildings he put jib.

tima decided on the roof putting shingles, and under Nyo as grounds laid 9mm plywood.According to the books is not enough, but he went on the roof, and it does not bend, so he left as is.

For roof was time to do the steps, and then the door.Doors also decided to do it myself, and have filled the void in the mineral wool and sewed with plywood.I did the carpet backing on the roof.On the porch of the visor - a solid, the rest of the roof - at the edges.On the horse is not enough, I put the roofing material, so it is impossible, but leave bare skate roof he could not.

Then he started to insulate the walls, and at the end they fitted a vapor barrier on the inside, and the top stitched paneling.The ceiling is insulated from the bottom - was very uncomfortable, it is better to do it from the top.

outside wall of the house he sighted steamtight insulated crate stuffed under the outer skin.Cornices and ceiling of the porch, he sewed board 20h125 mm.House sheathed board 25h150 mm overlap ("herringbone").

Just put on the floor linoleum, and the walls of steam bent and comes under the linoleum.He considered that this steam to the house is enough.

shingles he first covered the roof, and all turned to the right, looking at the manual for its installation.At the completion of the house he hung door.

Planning house

House has a simple layout: living room 3/4 and 1/4 room (there is a bio-toilet).Inputs he decided to make some, so practical.In the pantry there is a small window, and the window in the room a little more, but due to lack of experience, it was less than planned.


For heating the house, he put the gas convector, Demrad NGS-20F, which runs from the cylinder with LPG.Near the stove as suppressants used minerita sheet.On top put a homemade reflector galvanizing.Convector pipe on the back wall.

While there was major construction next to the house well was dug.

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