Lattice fence

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19 May 2016
Member Forum "Home and CottageĀ» olegok acquired land when neighbors were already cultivated and surrounded by a mesh-netting.His wife wanted to fence with the facade was continuous and closed the garden area from prying eyes, and most olegok solid fences seem bleak.

to fence all liked, he decided to compromise - to make the lattice fence through which nothing is visible from the street.

construction fence

He began, as usual start to the fence - concrete ribbon and columns of a rectangular metal profile.For doors and gates, he ordered to Metal frame made of the same profile.

to look completely wooden fence, olegok overlaid the pillars of the blanks from a board 100x50.All boards covered penoteksom.

for fixing boards on the one hand did longitudinal slot size in half the profile column, on the other hand the grooves at 45 degrees at a distance such that when viewed straight boards inserted into the slots slightly overlap.

And then there were only inserted into the slots, planed boards.The whole
fence is built without a single nail except for the top of the board, which is nailed to the posts in the butt.


Make Gates in the same style he could not, so I just sheathed their boards, which chose the quarter.Due to the fact that Gates is no angular thrust it for strength, knocked down all the boards very closely to the profile and drill screws and went home.

arrived a week at the cottage, he saw that one board from the bottom of the fence jumped.I thought that a defective screw - it ripped in half.Repair did not, becausethere were other cases.A week later fell off a few boards.

olegok decided to find out what is the matter, and after some hesitation came to the conclusion that the board rebounded due to swelling of the tree (at the time was rainy season).

He had to disassemble everything and make again.But this time he screwed everything roofing screws - they are thicker and leave a small gap.For strength boards after assembly did cutter grooves, width of about 7 cm and pasted to cross.

Two seasons fence upheld without comment.Just this fall olegok noticed that several boards of the fence moved in the grooves.So next summer is going to correct.

olegok built a fence all summer.The length of the fence with a gate 20 meters.Construction of the fence was not cheap, and there were twice more expensive than wood.

When using sampling revealed a design feature - a solid and perpendicular to it from the street can not see what is being done at the site, but the inside is visible almost the entire roadway.

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