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19 May 2016
Zyazev Andrew has experience in painting and decorating, and to construct any building (even tiny) is not ever.With the help of his friend Igor and using the information from the forum "Home and Cottage", he decided to start equipping its suburban area to replace old toilets with new one.

Construction toilet

First Andrei Zyazev determine the size of future construction 1,5h1,5 meters and removed topsoil with grass.Then he dug earth, beds geotextiles, poured sand and gravel, and put on top as a foundation for the future of the four corners of the toilet block.

From bought timber size 100x100 mm, it has built the future structure of the sill.Frame It is made of timber 100x100 mm and attached to a harness with metal corners.For toilet Zyazev Andrei wanted to buy timber thinner, but when he bought the board, it was not available.Sex and the upper part of the frame are made of boards 40h100 mm.All wooden structures he infiltrated biosecurity Senezh.

Door acquired substandard (inexpensive)
PVC.Her he installed with the removal of 25 mm, as the project construction is necessary to sheathe beauty blockhouse.

roof is made of planks dyuymovka and let roofing on top of the old stock.After plating the toilet block house building began to look much more cheerful, but inside the impression spoil jib.

After plating toilet block - Andrew House's Zyazev pinotex processed it.The weekend ends closed trims, from dyuymovka.Then I completed the roof, glazed, and hang the door with rubber sealing.

What will be the toilet, Andrew Zyazev has not yet decided.He will be peat or any other, it will become clear in due course.Make sure ventilation.

During the construction of even the smallest structures must first be drafted.And necessarily drawn on paper to scale.

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