The porch and carport for home

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18 May 2016
Construction shed

canopy that was going to build roman29, covered not only the steps, but all the paved portion on the side of the house.

first he drilled wells.Purchased under the uprights rectangular profile 80x80.Did blanks required length and concreted them in these holes.Three days later welded horizontal guide.It is an extreme support structure for shelter.

roman29 he planned bias for its canopy.According to his calculations, slope canopy must begin at a distance of 50-70 cm from the highest point.Find your nearest shop where you can get welded elements, he did sketches and ordered four curved element profile 20x40.The boys appeared decent, and he bent profile rolling mill on the software, not the knee.

My work roman29 liked and he took ready designs.He brought home and secured to the house, "grouse" (300 mm.), On the other hand welded to a horizontal rail.

Using profile 20x40 did all subsequent attachment.Welds trim grinder, and the entire structure painted in three layers Hameraytom.

as coatings for canopy used 10 mm.polycarbonate.Coverage area was - 21 sq / m

Canopy winter wintered well.Snow does not stay on it, and rolls on a tangent because the surface is smooth, and besides, the whole structure was designed with a slope and a smooth radius.

All materials roman 29, spent 27 thousand rubles.

Construction porch

made a canopy for the porch, it's time to update the porch itself.For a start, he dismantled rotten porch to the ground.Then dug a hole for the foundation to a depth of 1.2 meters, made sand cushion-0.2m., The framework for the foundation formwork and poured it all concrete.

When the cement has become strong, he bought the foundation blocks and began to lay them with reinforced mesh (2 mm.).I do not forget it and sealing cap.For reliability, durability and better grip porch covered the entire structure with a special solution concrete contact.

In the construction market, he bought the tiles of standard size 30x30 cm. Tile chosen specially for outdoor use, relief.In operation, it became clear that the acquired appropriate tile.It proved to be a good side in summer and winter.

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