Construction site huts in one day

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18 May 2016
If during the construction of a country house there are no places to stay working, Alex UAB teammates in one day erect shed, and after construction dismantle it and take their

As it built and what materials

is Bungalowfrom the wooden frame itself medium strength for insulation filled with mineral wool: Lower the top and sides.As the roofing used thick polyethylene 150mkr.Wade thrown to the dustbin of doors and windows.

frame house this:

vertical rack made of timber 100x100 mm.Or 50x100 mm.Total 20 pieces, and the length of them 3 meters and 2.6 meters.

rafters as he uses the board 50x100 mm.or 50h150 mm.And fastened them on the rack

at the front and inside of horizontal rafters sheathing of boards hammered 25h150 mm.Or 25h100 mm.With the step of 40 - 50 cm.

Top rafters fixed film - steam cabins fleecy inside out, and it keeps 100 - 150 mm mineral wool all depends on the season and Finance at the shed.We catch on the edges of mineral wool stapler with long straps, to less than the sipho
n, top mineral wool covered with a thick polyethylene.Its fixed boards 25 mm.thickness, and the free ends are bent inwards and nail thin board.


produce mineral wool thermal insulation, fixing her stapler to the crate wall.Then a vapor barrier on the inside wall stud, one layer of hardboard fiberboard.

exterior wall stud vapor barrier in one layer - pull tighter, the top layer with a large overlaps the lower and fix a stapler, with steam goes to the ground, so that less ash pit under the shed, so the floors warm.


On the floor, he puts a thick polyethylene which encircles the lower lags and sags between 10-15 cm, on top of mineral wool, vapor barrier, and the top board as a floor.Sometimes the board is placed on top of hardboard - hardboard.

remains to seal the gap with mineral wool, put the windows, doors, tables, trestle-bunk cabins and ready.

front cabins is a large overhang from the roof and it is protected from the rain area usually stacked cement and other building materials.

Alex UAB teammates erect a shed in one day.Cost is 3000 rubles.All the construction materials for the cabins they bring all building materials free of charge.

cost of materials for the cabins:

  • Beam 100x100 mm.- 10 pieces of 6m -2600 rubles;
  • board 50x100 mm.- 12 pieces - 1600 rubles;
  • board 25h150 mm.- 1.5 cube "furniture" of 6000 rubles;
  • Polyethylene width - 6metrov length of 8 meters 150mkrn, meter - 500 rubles;
  • Polyethylene width - 3 m length - 10 meters thickness - 100mkrn, meter - 200 rubles;
  • Vapor - 2 rolls of 800 rubles;
  • Fasteners (screws and staples) - 700rubley;
  • mineral wool - 8 cubic meters - 9600 rubles;
  • Fiberboard - 1200 rubles.
total cost of materials - 26 000 rubles.

All construction is going on screws and disassembled easily.With an oil heater in the room, you can live in cool frost.Tested in practice.

Regarding terms - process worked out and realistic timetable vozvedenie- 8-10 hours with the use of power tools.

materials for a full house

If the owners have a desire to do a little house of cabins, the cost increases, as you need to buy more materials:

  • Fundament- 3 cube of concrete;
  • 300m fittings - 10 mm;Make
  • platform - 2 cubes of sand.You can make the right integrally with the blind area.
  • Sheathing inside two layers of gypsum board;
  • putties and wallpaper or paint (11000 rub.) Or thick plywood 8-10 mm, plus lining.
  • outside - or siding or imitation blockhouse timber - 10-15 thousand rubles;
  • plywood on the floor and paint the sexual enamel - 2500 rubles;
  • Insert a normal window, maybe two.The door, maybe 2-3 in view of the vestibule and layout of 7-12 thousand rubles;
  • metal tile roof cover or ondulin - 7-8 thousand rubles;
  • 7-8 thousand to do the wiring.
If we compare in terms of price and quality of purchased and improvised huts, the latter is much more profitable purchased.Homemade shed can result in both building materials - it is cheaper to build and where it is convenient, but not where there can drive a car with cabins and crane.

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