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18 May 2016

sova6174 In 2005 acquired land in 20 hectare.On it he had planned to build: first shed, then a bath, home, children's playground, a little beds, and all the rest of the space reserved for the organization a pleasant holiday in nature.

site development

After purchasing the autumn he began to take down trees on his plot and then uproot the stumps.In 2006, his daughter, and in the country, nothing happened.

In 2007, he cleared the entire area of ​​debris and leveled him and his wife for the common pleasure smashed flower garden.

And in 2008 sova6174 erected a small house on frame technology 3x4 meters.The soil in the area is sandy, so the future site of the house he lined pad.Put it in the corners of the tire as the foundation, put roofing felt, and the center pipe scored trim & amp; 襶 inch reinforced glands that are found and filled - 0.5 m3 of concrete pre-all, Align level.

Then he built a frame house 3x4 meters.House is insulated on all sides by foam sheets, and sheathed in clapbo

ard.Outside, a wooden frame, he has processed SENEZH "UV", and inside BIOTEX and as such left him to spend the winter.

During the winter with a small house, nothing happened, it did not lead and does not kicked out.In the spring, he completed the floors and painted.Pie floor consists of: twenty boards, mounted on top of asphalt, and for floor insulation foam sheet is placed, and on top of it again asphalt.For the sub-floor, he used pine dosku50h150 mm, and for the finishing of three millimeter MDF and painted enamel top.

Attic he uses as a storage room and adds that while it is not necessary (carriage of Kinder, folding slide, the remains of a heater).

For warming the house, he always used a foam (floor, walls, ceiling).In winter, this house you can sit in a shirt, battery and radiator heating.

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