Remodel attic to attic

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18 May 2016
Parents leosana own half of the house with an extension.In leosana it became necessary in temporary housing and then together with her husband she decided instead to take temporary housing, to alter the parent living in the attic loft and settle there.

For this we need to learn 30 m2 residential areas.That is to conduct heating, water, sewer, and make warm interior decoration.

work in the attic

attic converted into loft threesome: leosana, her husband and father.First of all, they removed from the attic all the trash in the trash.Then we make the window openings, purchased cheap discount window and inserted into openings.We lay a subfloor.

The next step sheathed waterproof film walls and ceiling attaching it using the furniture stapler.And already then began to warm mineral wool thickness of 10 cm and 5, for a total of 15 cm of insulation is obtained.

Since men work, leosana alone start to fix heater to the wall with a wire.Despite the fact that the hot and warmer climbs into the nos
e, it alone has insulation of walls and roofs.Interior walls insulated husband and father.Above the insulation adjust water vapor retarder film, she was a disgusting smell, but a week later he weathered.The joints taped vapor retarding film special adhesive tape and started to mount a metal profile with a pitch of 60 cm, for installation on plasterboard walls and ceiling.

It's time to finish the floor, and this put and fixed to the sub-floor OSB sheets, and on top of a bed linoleum.Gables also sewed OSB,

All attic space divided by partitions so: Children 9 m2, bedroom, living room of 15 m2, bathroom 5 m2.

Father leosana electrician and spent electricity as laid paving the wire in corrugated pipes and connect them to the distribution boxes, and set socket.To carry out the heating in the attic used plastic pipes.Father brought equipment to join pipes and fused them.

started to sheathe the walls of plasterboard, and since it had bought a little in some places to save and use small pieces.Then tortured all seams carefully putty

stairs separated by the partition.Left turned out a niche for the bed, on the right door.The height of the ceiling at the location of the door 2 meters.The ladder to the loft was very uncomfortable, and at the insistence of her leosana altered, and it became much easier.

Together with a girlfriend leosana papered walls and ceiling wallpaper under painting.Painted children in yellow and the ceiling covered with white paint.


brought water and sanitation in the bathroom.The floor in the bathroom is arranged as follows: a hardwood floor in the house, which is put on the rough wooden floor, on top of a flat slate, and then tiles.As in other areas of the walls and ceiling drywall, but waterproof.Acquired not expensive, but convenient plumbing and shower.

Construction lasted three and a half months during which time they have spent 240 thousand rubles.

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