Construction of "Patio - pergola" and pergolas

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18 May 2016
After years of using a garden plot for growing vegetables and fruits Surovsky and his family quietly came to the conclusion that in addition to weeding flower beds, and earthing up potatoes necessary to the country must still somewhere to relax.This question is not discussed again.The idea grew, widened, developed - from a pergola with benches to the pergola with a brick oven and a barbecue, and to him and the pond to boot.

To bring the idea to life, you must first do a project.And for that you need to master the computer and various programs and make educated drawing.

What's patio?

patio adjacent to the house and intended for recreation.In order not to change the layout (which is troublesome) had to carry a little patio to the side of the house, and that was the feeling patio Surovsky decided to build a gazebo in front long pergola.The result is an enclosed space - courtyard, protects from prying eyes.

Construction pergolas

After preparation of the project in the spring of 200
8 he began to lay the foundation under the pergola rack depth of 20 cm, and this pre-prepared inserts, which will be attached to the stand of timber.Then prepare for the foundation formwork boxes pergolas and filled them.

After pouring stuck mortgage profile for racks pergolas, and to align the tops of the profile it secured them temporarily on the two long bar in a straight line and level.Then, after pouring and setting the foundation he removed the bars.That is the foundation for the pergola and ready.

Before installing wooden racks, he missed them first Finnish antiseptic, and then attached to the mortgage - screws and self-tapping screws.Before installing racks under them, he puts sticks, soaked in antiseptic.The same antiseptic he handles all wooden pergolas and gazebos details.Processing pergolas and arbors it took him 25 liters.After the foundation he started to procure parts.

For a quick and uniform manufacturing of multiple parts for pergolas, he joined their clamp, power saw cuts made to the slot, and then chose a chisel.To assemble all the elements it uses metal corners.

pergola designed so that the grilles are removable (just in case).

Building a patio - arbor

foundation slab thickness arbor 10 cm. By 20 cm racks. The soil at the site nepuchinisty, mainly sand.At first he did backfill 15 cm. Of sand - gravel, hard packed and spilled water, and on top of the screed made with metal mesh.As a frame of the floor patios - pergolas, he used a garden curbs, which are stacked on a solution with the use of masonry grid wire.Filling a rack scored in the ground and lined on the cord, welded at the corners of their steel bars.You're the patio floor - tiled gazebo.

Note Before you do, consider the screed on the ground on the ground that will produce concrete works.

concrete base under the arbor he chose because: First, the wood is not durable.In - the second, stove - solid and strong part of the gazebo, so even with a very strong wind rack arbors and pergolas tightly screwed to the base does not tip over.Third, in the gazebo, he put the oven-barkbekyu with an open combustion chamber and so it is best if the floor is fireproof.

tiles as he was going to use an ordinary granite.His he is going to put on a waterproof "Plitkanit" only on the floor of the gazebo.The courtyard between the gazebo and a pergola of his wife decided to fill up the shingle.

After preparing the concrete base, he began to build arbors of its frame.and behind it and the roof rafters are used for which section 50h70mm increments 450mm angle 8gr, span 220cm.The roof patio - he covered pergola ondulin.Boards for pergolas and gazebos, he took the second grade, spread them on the power tool bars.All the details of the case itself.At the completion of the gazebo on its walls, he secures removable panels.A gazebo covered inside cellular polycarbonate orange.

If you want to, even in cloudy weather in your gazebo was comfortable, like a sunny day on the inside cover of her cellular polycarbonate orange.

construction furnace

After strengthening boards and polycarbonate he began laying the base under the stove.For its construction he used the "Vitebsk" ceramic brick and glinopeschanuyu mixture as a solution.Firebox made fireclay refractory brick SHA8 on a mixture of refractory bricks.By the end of 2008, he completed the construction of the furnace.

began the 2009 season with decorations pergolas and patios - pergolas.Near as planned to build a small pond from the construction of the tub 90 liters.

After two years of operation, pergolas and arbors coating color fading slightly, so we had to refurbish - remove the grille, cover them with lacquer and set back in place.More on the pergola roof made of polycarbonate.

two years of operation, pergolas and patios - pergolas demonstrated their reliability and resistance to wind, rain and snow.

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