Tropics, subtropics?

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25 May 2016
Many boldly called winter garden composition of the large plant in the corner of the hall or living room.No rebuke you think that some of your favorite plants on a window sill - this is your miniature winter garden.But seriously speaking, a winter garden - one of the most advanced techniques using plants in the interior.And it requires a separate room located inside the building or outside Attached, such as glazed and insulated balcony.But the thing that makes the collection of indoor plants this winter garden is the techniques of landscape art, indoor use, or imitation of natural landscapes.

choose plants

Not all beautiful indoor plants, on which our gaze stopped at the store are suitable for the winter garden.The fact that there is a culture of stability breeds (rubber plants, palms, arrowroot, ferns) and removable, that is, those that die after a beautiful flowering (cineraria hybrid, calceolaria, ekzakum) or lose their decorative (cyclamen, hydrangea garden, azalea, poinsettia).They restored
- with some effort on our part - only a year later.It is clear that it is a stable culture can form the basis of the winter garden.

But first and foremost on the choice of plants affected by environmental conditions premises intended for the garden.Of course, the art can achieve any climatic parameters, but practice shows that the plants, selected in accordance with the existing conditions (with a small correction from our side, for example, an additional light source or a humidifier), live much longer and look nicer,than those that are forced to grow into a fully artificial environment.

Light and heat

Here are the two main factors when selecting plants.

best option for the winter garden when the room windows facing south, southeast or southwest.Here you can safely put any light-loving crops - palm trees, succulents, citrus, hibiscus, abutilon and others.It is only important to remember that direct sunlight is kept only cacti and succulents, so when the rest of the southern orientation of the plants will have to obscure - use blinds, awnings, curtains.

Good to arrange gardens in rooms with windows to the east.Plants receive tender rays of the morning sun and a sufficient amount of light throughout the day.But with western orientation in the summer they will overheat.The most unfavorable position - window to the north.But in this case, to choose the right range, you can create a beautiful shady garden in which good will feel many kinds of figs, Fatsa, ivy, Scheffler, representatives of the family Araceae.

All plants can be divided into:

subtropical (cold winter maintenance, with a temperature of 5-10 ° C.),
tropical (warm content winter, 18-22 ° C).

Accordingly, the winter garden can be a sub-tropical (lemons, oleanders, araucarias, Chamaecyparis, Thyssen, ivy Colchis and others) and rain (bromeliads, marantaceae, palm trees, many aroids).

In addition, a room for the garden can be a bright and cold or light and warm.Dark and warm, and even - dark and cold.And each of them will have to choose a specific range of plants.


This is another important condition.The optimum humidity for most indoor plants about 75-80%, and for the person - 45-50%.This means that in the winter garden, simulating humid tropics, we will not be too comfortable.Therefore, if you intend to use the tropical garden as part of a dwelling have to seriously think about the variety of plants, looking for species that normally exist under reduced humidity level (it's all the same rubber plants, representatives of the family Araceae, Fats, and other succulents).

From all this it follows that, whatever the winter garden you choose, you should always start with the account of existing environmental conditions and not with the intention of the architect or your cherished desire.

types conservatories

But their desires also should not be forgotten.At least in order to understand what type of garden you want.If you want to build a unique collection of orchids, rhododendrons and ferns, it will carry the scientific and botanical character.Consequently, everything in it must be subordinated to the creation of optimal conditions for the life of plants.Man, however, they will not be too comfortable.If you care about the comfort for yourself, then you should stay at the recreation garden, created specifically for the holiday.

It is based on a geographical principle can be put.For example, create a African tropics.There will predominate plants like dracaena, pandanus, croton, Aglaonema, strelittsiya etc.Or subtropical China and Japan -with azaleas, aucuba, euonymus, gardenia, hibiscus, Japanese cedar, ASPI-distro, Ofiopogon.

for cactus and succulent garden approach that simulates desert landscape of America.There will find their place Opuntia, Cereus, yucca glorious, American agave, creeping sedum.And fans of the desert landscape Africa choose aloe vera, dratsenu Canary, Jade tree, agapao-myc, kalanchoe beharskoe.

But in the winter garden created by geography, one plant can not afford to implement the plan.You need an entourage - design elements, small architectural forms, highlighting the garden belonging to a particular geographical area.


no less interested in creating a winter garden, in accordance with the architectural style.Here in the first place are the details of the interior, and the plants perform a secondary role, only emphasizing the style suggested by the designer.So, for the winter garden in the Romanesque style (stone walls, fireplace, stained glass windows, trunks) suitable such "heavy" plants as platitseri-mind kordilina apical with purple leaves, Agapanthus africanus, Ficus elastic.

Rapid geometrically adjusted lines can emphasize the Gothic plants with similar leaf shapes and habit - suitable cypress, asparagus Meyer dizigoteka, polyscias, hibiscus rassechennolistny.

If you are attracted to the Renaissance, decorate the garden Andre Anthurium, Caladium bi-color, golden-black philodendron, indoor bananas Zamioculcas.

fruit garden

But people can recommend practical fruit conservatory.It grows citrus fruits (lemon, orange, grapefruit), bay laurel, Coffea arabica, Pomegranate (better dwarf form), agave American (I do pulque), crested pineapple, avocado, fig (Ficus carica), Monstera varnish, grape wine.But they are mainly related to the sub-tropical species that is in need of winter low temperature (about 10 ° C), so the slippers are not on such a garden stroll.

can create a pharmacy winter garden, planting herbs in it: Nephrolepis heart-shaped, cherry laurel drug, an ordinary date, Alamanda laxative, aloe vera, black pepper and others.

In short, a lot of options.Choose is from what.The main thing that the conservatory was good for you and your plants.

I. Bochkova