Light, warm and a bit of attention.

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24 May 2016
And in fact this desire was nothing supernatural

This is the case when a story is not difficult to make come true.Grow primroses out of season, and for Christmas or Easter, people learned long ago.Moreover, the methods set distillation bulbous plants on an industrial scale: tulips in September today no surprise.But to grow winter lilies, crocuses, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths - still commit a minor miracle.Spring flowers on a background painted window frost really perceived as a fairy tale come to life.And for it must be quite a bit of light, heat and attention.The latter implies knowledge of the characteristics of these plants and compliance with certain requirements.

Most bulbs adapted to bloom very early - perhaps prigreet sun and the snow melts, as all the necessary supplies for that they are concentrated in the bulb.And if you create them at home first, short-lived winter and then spring thaw, they will respond flowering.But as the strength for it, they are hoarding in a rest period, that is,
in the summer, it is very important that the bulbs are stored correctly - at the temperature at which they are formed flower stalks.If this is your first experiment, it is better not to use their own planting materials, and purchased in a specialty store.In addition, suitable only for forcing bulbs of large size, the so-called "extra."

The timing of flowering forcing divided into three stages: early - December, average - January-February and late March - April.


For forcing bulbs fit young healthy class "extra" - that is, large (3-4 cm in diameter), a full-fledged (25-30 g), and the correct form.The land they are planted in September-November, depending on the time within which they should flourish.

bulbs free of the dry coating of scales (so they quickly take root) and planted in pots of loose soil (half sand and half the land) 3-5 pieces (depending on size).Bulbs should "sit" firmly in the soil, but do not touch each other, the thickness of the substrate beneath them - nemenee 8-10 cm. That in flourishing condition looked more decorative plants, the flat side of the bulb must be turned to the wall of the pot.Then the first backsheet facing out.Bulbs should speak out of the ground at 1-2 cm.

plants Store in a cool dark place, at 5-9 ° C and high humidity of about 10 weeks.All this time, the substrate must be damp, so it is better to cover the container with a plastic bag, removing it periodically for irrigation and aeration of the bulbs.When the bulbs take root and shoots reach a height of 5-6 cm, the flowers can be transferred into a warm room (20 ° C).The first few days the sprouts cover paper shade that stalks a little caught up in height.When the caps are removed, tulips can be extended daylight for 3-5 hours - using fluorescent lights.Do not forget to water them regularly and Feed the potassium nitrate.When the buds color, the temperature was lowered to 14-15 ° C (adjusted by the cold box) - it prolongs flowering.


Healthy hyacinth bulbs (larger than 5 cm), after years of storage (at very high temperatures, about 25,5 ° C), in October, planted in pots with soil, prepared from equal amounts of peatand sand or earth and sand, and regularly watered.Bulbs when planting is not deepened, the top third of the bulb rises above the earth.

Hyacinths, like tulips, stored in a cool room at a temperature of 5-9 ° C for 3-4 months.When the flower stalks develop, pots of hyacinths transferred to a bright room.To color gradually became accustomed to the light, the first two or three days, they need to be for a few hours a day to cover a dark cloth or paper.Flowering plants depends on the air temperature at 15-20 ° C it lasts 7-10 days.

Hyacinths can be cast out in the water.For this purpose, a high capacity with extended throat poured pure water, and placed on top hyacinth bulbs.The distance between the Donets bulbs and water is 1-2 cm. The glass is wrapped in black paper and put in the fridge.Two months later (during this time the water must periodically add) when the bulbs will develop roots, and it will germinate, a glass is taken from the refrigerator, put in a warm (22-25 ° C) room and an opaque cover cap.It is removed when the stems develop.In the warmth of hyacinths bloom quickly, but just as quickly fade, they bloom only lasts a few days.Extend it will prohlada- 10-12 ° C.


rhizomes of lily of the valley dug in late September - mid-October, at which time the aboveground part of the plant is already dying out.On distillation take only flower buds, they differ from vegetative appearance: the first thick, round, second - sharp little, Schiltz.Selected for forcing lilies placed in plastic bags and stored in the basement, cellar or in the gazebo at 1-3 ° C.In cold weather package with flowers need to hide the paper or burlap.You can store the plants in containers filled with sand.In this case, they have to be watered once every two weeks.

Three weeks before the desired date of flowering lilies are planted in the ground.In the 9-13-cm pots planted 8 to 15 sprouts in a basket - more, depending on the volume.To flower buds active and together started to grow, roots before planting promorazhivayut in the snow during the day.Before the advent of stems pots are kept in a dark warm (25-27 ° C) place.And with the appearance of germs bring to ambient light and the temperature of 16-18 ° C.To lilies bloom as long as possible after the first buds appear, you need to transfer them to a cool room.


For the distillation of these colors are also taken strong bulb (diameter greater than 4 cm) early and Medium early flowering period.They were soaked in very warm water (approximately 45 ° C) and held for 4 hours.After that, put in a container with the ground so that the tops were 1-2 cm. The spacing between bulbs mulch sand and abundantly watered.Containers placed in a cool place for 2-3 months, watering once a week.When the seedlings reach a height of 10-15 cm, are transferred into the dark cool place (not higher than 10 ° C).Two days later, the flowers exposed to light, watered.After 2-3 weeks, the daffodils bloom.


In early November, the corms of crocus are planted in the substrate of turf and ground sheet, peat and sand (1: 1: 0.5: 0.5) and place where dark, damp and cold(5 ° C).If there is no basement, the pots of bulbs wrapped in dark plastic bag and put them in the refrigerator.Rooted crocuses about two months.When the shoots are 2-3 cm, they are entered into the warmer room - 10-12 ° C, and after 3-5 days the temperature was raised to 20-22 ° C and watered sparingly begin plant.After 15-18 days, the first flowers appear.

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