Seedlings: 6 Steps to Success

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24 May 2016


Fill soil mix for seedlings in a bucket and moisten it well (but not fill all the way!).Fill the cell potted moist ground, put into each of the two seed and sprinkle with a pinch of soil mix.To keep moisture nestle box with a plastic lid, or polyethylene and put in a warm place (20-22 ° C).Most seeds in this phase do not require light, but all need a uniform moisture, so keep the box "Shelter." Every day, check for germination, from the seventh day after sowing.

Step 2.

When the first shoots, remove polyethylene and placedrawer under the fluorescent lamp at a distance of 10-12 cm. Light the seedlings 14 to 16 hours a day. Moisten the soil frequently, but little by little, add water so that the seedlings do not sluggish, in any case, do not water excessively, or may spreadfungal diseases.

Step C

sprouts appear with two round leaves, called cotyledons. They precede true leaves. When two true leaves in the cells, where it grew by two plants, remove the weaker specimens. Cut off th
e excess seedlings needed onground level (but not uproot!), leaving one plant in each cell. Feed the remaining plants with a dilute compost tea.

Step 4.

As the seedling raise or lower the lights above the box itself, keeping the distance between plants and lamps on the same level.Near the seedlings can put a small fan - constant air circulation relieve the plant from fungal diseases and provide them with carbon dioxide, so the seedlings grow strong and stocky.The amount of water for one watering should be increased, and the amount of irrigation - cut.If possible, watering the roots.Once a week fertilize plants with diluted compost tea.

Step 5.

After five weeks, transplant seedlings into larger containers.Fill them with a damp soil mixture.Carefully remove the seedlings (soil) from the cell (if it can not be removed, gently tap the bottom of the cell).Place the plant with a lump of land in new capacity, and space fill soil mix.

Step 6.

six - seven weeks, prepare the seedlings for planting in open ground or in a greenhouse.For this plant briefly take out into the street, accustomed to fresh air and sunlight.When the soil and air to warm as 15-16 ° C, place the seedling in the open air for a day.If the temperature drops below 6 "are registered in her house.

What you need

- fluorescent lamps (not necessarily special fitolampy);

- soil mixture (without added fertilizer);

- a small fan for better air circulation;

- cassette (box) with cells or individual containers with a height of 6-7 cm drainage holes;

- pots - you can use the container of yogurt (0.5 liters), preliminary having donein the bottom drainage holes;

- fertilizer - compost tea (extract of compost).

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