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24 May 2016
spring pruning different for different climate zones.But in any case, it should be timely.If you cut the roses too early to pull the kidney growth during warming, but the return of frost, may die.The same can not procrastinate: bushes spent force and power to the formation of new shoots, which then still have to cut.

Before pruning roses razokuchivayut to be able to cut the damaged shoots at the base of the bush.

Slice escape.At the top - right at the bottom - the wrong

If you are late and already sprouted buds, cut the bushes do not need.Let both grow.Limit sanitary measures: Cut the dry, broken and weak branches.Such

garden group as hybrid tea, floribunda roses Group, grandiflora, polyanthus , can quickly grow and provide flowering shoots from the base of the bush, so they need a strong and average crop.Typically, each bush is left 3-5 strong shoots, shortening their kidneys 3-4.However, floribunda and grandiflora can be cut and slightly above, leaving 4-6 buds, as they are more bran
ched.When the main stem has lateral shoots, they must be shortened to 1-3 buds.

Miniature roses spring only make sanitary pruning: remove all dead and broken shoots, trying to preserve the aboveground part.

Melkotsvetkovye climbing roses bloom once wintered along the entire length of the shoots.Therefore, the spring is slightly shortened shoots (15-20 cm in cutting off the very top).And the form, leaving the 5-7 strongest annual shoots, and the rest are cut to the ground.Withered shoots are usually cut in the summer, but if this is not done, it is necessary to cut them in the spring.If the young shoots small, then the old (mainly perennial) simply shortened side legs (10 cm), and healthy annual shoots left over the entire length.

have re-large-flowering roses pletistyh formed strong shoots, which grow flowering side branches.The flowers are produced on shoots of 2-5-th order.In the spring of all the weak and old shoots (over 5 years) is removed in the ring, that is cut to the base.After cutting the shoots of climbing roses tied up to the anvil.

Remove burn

Climbing roses more susceptible to burn shoots.In the spring, when the cover is removed, on the stems of the plants appear reddish spots, which are growing, ringed shoots.Affected stems have to cut a whole, which reduces and sometimes eliminates blooming.

Shrub distinguished by a strong volume growth.Spring leaves on bushes 3-5 strongest shoots evenly spaced and are 6-8 and a well-developed buds, and weak shoots are cut at the ring.The purpose of the annual spring pruning - to shorten the branches of a quarter or half, the side - two-thirds (leaving 3-5 buds).If the height of the shoot reaches 120 cm, cut it to 30-60 cm, while the length of the lateral branches 30 cm cut them by 10 cm.

Spring pruning hybrid tea roses Pruning shoots shtambovoy rose

For groundcover roses important regular rejuvenation - it is the old shoots are cut at the base of the bush.Young shoots cut mild to moderate, depending on the structure of the bushes.

Ground cover roses, creeping along the ground, with long arched shoots, similar to the group melkotsvetkovyh climbing roses.As a rule, the maximum length of cutting leave their escape, since they bloom on last year's wood.Many experts do not recommend cut ground cover roses, limited sanitary pruning to retain their natural shape.

Most species old garden roses bloom profusely without any pruning, but strongly expand and become very thick.The fact is that once blooming roses can not cut much, because the flowers are formed in the upper and middle parts of last year and older wood.Therefore, pruning is carried out in an easy manner, thinning and rejuvenating bushes.It gives them a decorative and compact form.Getting to the park roses pruned after waking kidneys.

Crop standard roses depends on from what the garden group grafted one or another variety.Grafted roses on trunks of various garden groups cut in the same way as their sectional shapes to form a nice round crown.

hard pruning is used for tea and went under-Ridnyi roses, floribunda, grandiflora, Polya-tum and miniature roses, easy - to pletistyh and ground cover roses.In pletistyh trunks thinned crown, keeping several young strong shoots.In cascade standard roses, which are obtained from ground cover roses, cut the main shoots (which bloomed last year), leaving the young shoots of substitution.If they are small, withered shoots are not cut, and they shorten the side branches.

Pruning should be completed before the shoot out leaves.To increase the air permeability of the soil under the roses have to dig.Then the bushes slightly hilling, so that the plant does not Sears.Two weeks later, when the buds start to grow, spend more pruning, removing diseased shoots unnoticed.

pruning technique

sharp pruning shears to make 0.5-0.8 cm above the well-developed buds, aimed not inside, and the outside of the bush.If the cut of the kidney to do the above, the wood will begin to die off.

cut must be flat and smooth.Thick shoots or garden shears cut sawing.Thus it is necessary to make sure that there was no ragged edges - they can penetrate through infection

All sections of more than 1 cm required!gloss over garden pitch or a liquid Novikov.

after the spring pruning plants should sprinkle with 1% solution of copper sulfate (100 g per 10 liters of water) or 3.1% solution of liquid Bordeaux.


For regular fertilizing roses in the garden and the house is convenient to use water-soluble granules "Agricola".It is a universal fertilizer contains a full range of micro and macro, stimulating plant growth and promoting intensive flowering.When using fertilizer, "Agricola" garden roses are easier to tolerate the winter and spring frosts.

Love Bumbeeva, curator of roses GBS RAS

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