Drug plants

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23 May 2016

In the country grow drugs at every step: in the garden, on a bed, in the beds.It is only necessary to know their "in your face" and to be able to use them.Especially those that may be needed in an emergency

cyanosis blue

Beautiful fragrant perennial.Scrub with carved like a mountain ash, leaves in June covered with dense panicles of bright blue flowers.Preparations from cyanosis virtually sold in pharmacies.Although the rhizome decoction has a marked sedative effect, valerian superior in strength.It is used for the treatment of stomach ulcers, and as a strong expectorant for colds.The only drawback to this therapeutic agent - a very bitter taste.

Reproduction • seeds, cuttings, and dividing the bush
• soil moist, nutritious
Lighting • loves partial shade, but can survive on dry land sunny

Wormwood divine tree (Artemisia officinalis)

beautiful shrub with carved leaves.In folk medicine traditionally used infusions and decoctions of this plant as an antiseptic and cleansing age
nt, in particular, to regulate digestion, strengthen the hair, for compresses and lotions.In addition, the dry leaves of wormwood is used as a spice in dishes from fatty meat products.And it not only makes the dish more appetizing, but also helps the stomach to digest a heavy meal.

• Reproduction by cuttings and by dividing the bush cuttings

In spring cut off the tops of grass shoots 10-12 cm in length, which emerge from the basal buds.

Calendula, or marigold

should always be at hand.Mashed calendula flowers - a treatment for all holiday injuries: scratches, bruises, burns, including solar.They are either simply applied to the wound, or prepare a concentrated tincture which is used to compress and for colds and sore throats-for rinsing.

inflorescences harvested for the future, when most of the "petals" arranged horizontally.They rip off and dried in the shade.

Reproduction • Sow seeds

into the ground as soon as possible.The main thing - not to sow too thickly, otherwise the plant is shallow, poorly bloom and ill mildew


Luxury perennial with bright flowers that florists all over so like to use in English mixborders,- one of the best drugs.Preparations from it is used in official medicine, and folk, and homeopathy for the healing of wounds, reduce inflammation, treat colds, flu and other infections.But most importantly, echinacea stimulates the immune system, so it is used as a highly effective prophylactic.

Reproduction • dividing rhizomes or seeding
With good care of the seedlings bloom the first year, the second all the plants begin to bloom

Lighting • prefers lit places

wild rose or rose wrinkled

sure to find a place for it in his garden.If the bush is not rabid, it will give fruit, containing a large amount of ascorbic acid.But the wild rose petals - a good healing and antibacterial agent.And if they grind with sugar and lemon, you get a great vitamin course (glass, tightly packed petals - two cups of sugar and lemon).

• Reproduction by cuttings or by division of rhizomes

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