Haircut by zero - pruning on the stump.

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23 May 2016

All this is possible if we use a proven agro-technical way

In the arsenal experienced gardener many techniques: simple and complex, long and short term, the required and optional ... but they are all based on the phenomenon that occurs with plantsin nature.For example, we mulching or acidifying the soil, thus replacing, leaves or pine litter.The more conditions close to the natural garden, the less care is required landing.However, there are methods which use significantly increases the decorative plants.They do not replicate the natural processes as much as using knowledge about them.

One - trim on the stump.It's a tough trimming trunk at which stumps remain of about 15 cm. Many plants after such radical procedures can recover shoots from the stump.Therefore, this method allows to achieve much.


Like the plant is not winter in our climate?It is not hopeless.All, without exception, plants wintering conditions of ground and underground parts of the root system, are not the same.Some

of the air at a specific temperature of the ground dies, and the root system, and the ground covered with snow, continues to live.So there is a chance of recovery and ground part.In this case, heat-loving shrubs can be grown as herbaceous perennials.In autumn cut the ground part regularly in the spring it will grow again, forming bushes of different sizes.By the way, once in Moscow, so grown Ailanthus altissima, eucalyptus rotundifolia and other plants typical of the southern cities.

However, for such an approach only growing some plants.

Nezimostoykie plants

Purpurnolistnye, and variegated varieties and forms zolotistolistnye Cotinus coggygria .Off-grade shape feels good in the middle lane, growing to 5 m tall, but color - strongly freeze slightly.When grown in a similar method as they grow to 60-80 cm, and even have time to bloom.

Buddleja • Even the most stable in our environment and Buddleja davidii Buddleja ocherednolistny almost always freeze slightly.Planted on the stump plants grow to a height of about one meter and beautifully blooming in late summer.

Weigel • There are many hardy species, but modern decorative hybrids such as' Nana Variegata ',' Alexandra '(aka' Vine and Roses) strongly freeze slightly.Cut the roots in the fall, summer, grow up to 60 centimeters and even bloom in late summer.However, these varieties are not the main decorative feature of the flowers and leaves that with this method of cultivation are just beautiful.

Robinia • Beautiful white acacia growing in the middle lane.But dekorativnolistvennye varieties and those with tortuous shoots strongly freeze slightly.Cut the stump to recover well, forming a spectacular delicate bushes.Although this form and strong root growth, which will have to limit sprawl.

forsythia good enough winter in the middle lane, but spectacular dekorativnolistvennye varieties 'Golden Times' and 'Fiesta', as a rule, strongly freeze slightly.

Sumy fluffy often freezes, but grows well, however, gives a strong root growth.If this is not scary, it is possible to him to apply this technology.Get smart delicate undergrowth, very showy autumn.

There are a number of interesting, but not hibernating pur-purnolistnyh varieties have elderberry ('Black Beauty', 'Guincho Purple).After landing on a tree stump they give shoots 1-1.5 m, which bloom and then the fruit.

all the prettier! ..

Eventually the leaves on trees and bushes becomes smaller, the amount of it is reduced, crown thinning.This is the inexorable course of biological processes associated with aging plants.But if the tree is cut down, in its place there will be strong coppice shoots with large, healthy, succulent leaves.So, cutting on the stump can be used to enhance the decorative qualities of plants, especially decorative foliage.Perform this procedure every 2-4 years.On bury her react:

- white dogwood 'Elegantissima' and 'Spaethii';

- box elder 'Argenteo-marginata' and 'Flamingo'

- barberry Ottawa 'S uperba' and '5 ilver Miles';

- physocarpus kalinolistny 'Diabolo'n' Nuget ';

- elder kististaya 'Plumosa Aurea' and Canadian 'Ascea'.


If you want to plant a small garden with a large tree, the aid will come all the same method.Regular pruning will allow the stump to keep the plant within a certain range (of course, when it is capable of forming shoots from the stump).How regularly you have to cut?It all depends on your needs and rate of growth of the tree.For these purposes fit:

Poplar White .It is a beautiful tree, the underside of the leaves white.But it is too large (over 20 meters) and aggressive.His form 'Nivea'vinv \' Richardii 'not aggressive and can restore the crown coppice shoots from the stump or root collar.The growth of root shoots have to limit.

Salix alba .Spreading crown with silver openwork foliage is too large for a small garden.With regular hard pruning on a stump can get a compact tree (in the first year of willow shoots grow to a height of 2 m).

linden, alder, Norway maple, hawthorn and some other plants can also be of a size which is convenient for the owner of the garden.

cut on the stump, however, can only be non-grafted plants, ie unvaccinated.Place of vaccination are usually visible to the naked eye (thickening rush).

Paints youth

Plants with colorful bark are especially beautiful in winter.But the most spectacular it is on young shoots, age bark color fades.Return the paint can be a youth of the same hard pruning.As a result, picturesque spot of color on the background of snow brighten not only by the color of fresh shoots, but also due to an increase in their number.

And then against the backdrop of the winter landscape white dogwood 'Sibirica' and dogwood proliferous '/ Ce / sey' illuminate yarkokorallovym color; dogwood blood red 'Midwinter Fire' and 'Winter Flame'- orange;dogwood proliferous 'Flaviramea' and some varieties of white willow - olive; European ash - 'Jaspidea' bright yellow.Trim sprouts every year is not necessarily: you will see for yourself when painting the branches begin to fade.


Haircut "by zero" makes plants are not only more effective, but also restores their youth.But surgery for rejuvenation can not do forever.It is not a regular hard scraps, and on an ad hoc procedure.When your chubushnik or barberry, chokeberry or viburnum, hawthorn or spirea quite old, they crushed leaves and polyseyut base of the trunk, flowering will be poor, and the fruits will not appear at all - make drastic pruning.

However, there is a caveat.Older plants usually are weakened and can not respond to surgery luxuriant growth shoots.Therefore, in order not to lose them all, try to break the process into stages.The total number of shoots in the bush is divided into three parts.In the first year only the first third of the cut.Better if it will be the oldest branches.And they need not be cut on the one hand the bush and uniformly as possible.The following year, cut the second third of the branches.On the third - the rest of the old branches.Two-year shoots (from the year before stumps) have branched out from the stumps of last year new regrowing - as a result of all this time the plant will remain in place, but completely updated.

Such procedures should change with dressings, supposedly to give the smoke growing shoots additional forces.

More colors

few words about flowers and inflorescences.It turns out that this method can affect their quality and quantity.But only for those plants whose bloom occurs at the ends of the shoots of the year (roses, hydrangeas).In this case, the more shoots, the more flowers.But - the smaller buds.Therefore, when landing on a tree stump flowering shrubs can be chosen: either to leave three or five branches that are topped with huge buds, or twenty, each of which will also be on the inflorescence, but much smaller.


Trim bushes and trees on the stump can be in late autumn or early spring, before the sap flow as soon as the opportunity to go to the plant.But choosing the timing, consider whether the fall crop locust and willow with winding shafts or colored shoots Derain.Even frozen branches decorate the winter garden.

Do not experiment with the newly planted rasteniyai.Trees and shrubs with immature root system not shoot powerful and strong shoots.They generally can be lost.Trim on the stump only those plants whose roots had grown quite accustomed to, and the landing site.

Large sections, such as the rejuvenation of old trees, to avoid stem rot treated garden plaster - it is best to use a German, they are superior in quality traditional garden var.

1. Trim on a stump
a) the first year.Remove all shoots, leaving stumps up to 15 cm.
b) By the fall formed a powerful shoots.
c) for the second year.Prior to the sap flow again cut the branches on a tree stump.

2. Sections should be tilted slightly rising above the bud.

3. Removal of basal shoots.

4. Rejuvenation pruning.

A. Sapelin.Landscape designer.

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