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23 May 2016

And in Tambov village this vegetable also consider their own.


Allium sativum

Lighting • Avoid shading

• Soil is fertile, with a neutral reaction

• Watering with deep soaking the soil, in the regular period of active growth - in May and June.

Discontinue 2-3 weeks before harvesting

only vegetative reproduction •

Diseases and pests • downy mildew, black mold, rust, onion fly, stem nematode.Highly susceptible to diseases in the rainy summer

Garlic is grown everywhere - and, it seems, has always grown.This representative of the onion family - one of the oldest vegetable crops.Garlic - an annual cold-resistant and winter hardiness.A bed for him isolated in a sunny spot, with no stagnant water (do not care or they springtime rain) - otherwise the garlic get wet through.Best predecessors - beans, early cabbage, cucumbers, squash and pumpkin.

After garlic potato plant can not be, he can get Fusarium, it can damage the nematodes.

forms of garlic are arrows and arrow.Arrow throwing a

rrow - flowering shoots with inflorescences, which consists of air-bulbochek bulbs and immature flowers.By the way, the cultural garlic lost the ability to produce seeds, it reproduces only vegetatively.In nestrelkuyuschegosya garlic arrows there - only the leaves develop.If you cut across the bulb, differences in the structure will become apparent.The first teeth are large, identical, clear shapes, arranged in concentric circles in the center - the arrow.The second lot of cloves, they not large, the different size and are arranged along a spiral, "nalezayut" each other.Arrows garlic reproduces the bulb and babies (teeth), nestrelkuyuschiysya - just babies.

However, the separation of garlic into groups on the basis of bolting rather arbitrary.For example, in the northern regions of shooters garlic strelkovatsya sometimes stops, and in the south nestrelkuyuschiysya acquires the ability to throw arrows.

Depending on the timing of planting garlic is divided into winter and spring.Winter is sometimes called the southern and spring - North.Arrow varieties are more suited to winter crops, nestrelkuyuschiesya - to spring.In central Russia are grown mostly winter varieties arrows.

winter garlic

Winter Garlic prefers sandy soil.The beds are prepared for it in advance, a week and a half before landing.The soil is dug to a depth of 25 cm, carefully remove the weeds, make 5-6 kg of humus (but not fresh manure!), 30 g of superphosphate, 20 g of potassium salt per 1 sq.m. A day or two before planting add ammonium nitrate at the rate of 10-12 g per 1 sq.m. The dry soil watered.

planted garlic in late September - early October.Time is necessary to be adjusted so that before the onset of sustained cold winter was about one and a half months.Then garlic good time to take root, but do not germinate until the first snow.Before planting a few cloves should be "stripped" viewing: teeth with signs of rot, mold, and numerous yellow spots (bacterial blotch) are not suitable for planting.Garlic should be well dried, dampish quickly will begin to move into growth.

To protect the garlic from the disease, it can be soaked for 2-3 hours in a warm solution of potassium permanganate pink.More efficient decontamination: 3 minutes in a solution of salt (1 tbsp. L. 2 liters of water), followed by 3 minutes in a solution of copper sulfate (1 hour. L. 2 liters of water).

are selected for planting the largest teeth of the largest bulbs.The analysis is carried out immediately prior to planting - or the bottom of cloves, which are formed on the roots dry up.The old mother Donets a must withdraw, since it will play the role of stopper.

Rows on a well leveled the beds are placed at a distance of 20-25 cm, leaving 10-12 cm between plants. It can be planted in furrows.The main thing - do not dent the teeth in the ground, it will delay the growth of roots.Furthermore, compacted ground garlic can then push on the surface and freezes it.But the land should not be too loose (it should be lightly compacted board), because then the teeth are "drowning" and the bulbs will turn out fine, are poorly kept.

Planting depth depends on the soil type and the size of the cloves.From his head to the surface of the soil should be 3-4 cm. Too shallow planting threatens freezing.Planting should be zamulchirovat layer of peat, humus or sawdust, 2-5 cm thick, decomposed wood for the detention of snow in the beds.In the spring a layer of mulch is removed, the plants do not podpreli.

care quite traditional: a systematic loosening, removal of weeds.Watering is necessary during active growth (otherwise formed a large head), and during the ripening of bulbs is not necessary.If necessary, a fertilization in early spring - urea (1 tbsp. L. 10 liters of water) and one or two in the summer.You can use liquid manure, bird droppings, diluted 12-15 times.

Feed up (and watered) garlic just under the root.If the leaves become too bright - so it must feed solution nitrophosphate (2 tbsp. L. In a bucket of water).When
arrow shooters garlic grow up to 10 cm, must be removed, otherwise a good harvest can not count on.Several strong plants can be left "divorce" and allow the bulb to mature.

Shortly before cleaning the soil from the bulbs shovel - it promotes the maturation of garlic.A clean it when turn yellow lower leaves, in late July - early August.By the way, winter garlic matures better spring.Scales are dense and durable.Perederzhivat garlic in the garden is not: the bulb starts to decay into teeth, and will germinate poorly kept.

There is a cold way to store garlic (in a dry place at a temperature of 0-3 ° C) and warm - at room temperature.

varieties of winter garlic


'Gribovsky 80' 'Gribovsky Jubilee', 'Dungan local', 'Krupnozubkovy Kiselyov' 'Otradnensky', 'Sail'.


'Danilovskiymestny' 'Doctor' 'Novosibirsk', 'broad-220'.

bulb and its cut.
left - arrows in the form to the right - in the form nestrelkuyuscheysya


the bulb the bulb, ripened on the plant, where there were broken arrows can be used to produce healthy planting material.Arrows dried a few days, and then choose the bulb and the largest sown.In the fall, at the same time as the teeth.The following year, in late July get quite hefty single-tooth-ki.Late harvest can not be with them: single-teeth into the ground.They are dug, dried and sealed again in the fall to the ground.A year later, grows up normal, dividing on the teeth, the head.


If necessary, the bulb and the spring sowing, but as soon as possible (in the early - mid-April) and collect them as late as possible - closer to September.

Spring garlic

Spring garlic grows well on medium and light loamy soils.Planting his April 20-25.If planted later, the bulbs do not have time to form.For more garlic went into growth, you can germinate it in advance: to hold a couple of hours in the water, and then wrap in a damp cloth and placed in a vegetable compartment of the refrigerator.

Teeth in spring garlic vary greatly in size, hence, they will ripen at different times.Therefore teeth better calibrate and put separately: small, medium, large.Planting depth is less than for winter garlic, cloves from the top to the soil surface only 2-3 cm. Deep set garlic matures slowly.

care rules are the same.In May and June, the soil is maintained in a wet state.

Clean spring garlic in late August - early September.Readiness can be seen as the leaves they begin to lodge, yellow upper tier, lower - shrinks.Spring garlic is very well kept.But the yield of winter gives way.

varieties of spring garlic


'Abrek' 'Aleysky' 'Victoria' 'Elenovsky' 'Ershov,' Kalinin local, 'Moscow'.




Garlic contains high amounts of vitamins, and most importantly, volatile, giving it antibacterial properties.It is an antibiotic and antiseptic, has anti-parasitic and antiseptic properties.Since ancient times it was used for respiratory diseases - bronchitis, whooping cough, as well as violations of the gastrointestinal tract, to enhance the secretion of bile.Garlic and shown to improve cardiovascular system: having a vasodilator and sedative effect, it increases the strength of heart contractions and slows their rhythm, dilates blood vessels of the heart, blood vessels feet, brain, retina of the eye.In addition, it improves the vessels, reducing blood cholesterol levels.Eating 2-3 cloves daily "medication" can strengthen the body, improve performance, slow down aging.But overeating yet not be, it is fraught with irritation of the stomach and intestines.

infusion of garlic used against aphids, spider mites, whiteflies.200 g of crushed heads poured 10 liters of warm water, insisting 5:00, filter and sprayed plants.

Garlic is well planted under the currant bushes, strawberries in rows along the edges of the beds of carrots and beets.This will prevent pests from landing.

Traditional methods of storing garlic

tied in a canvas bag, placed in turn in an open plastic.

in a glass jar, pour the dry coarse salt.

In an open Bank: pre-burn the roots over the flame of a candle or a gas burner on, wipe the ashes.

braided in a braid, bound in bundles.

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