Broken heart in the shade.

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22 May 2016
who so skillfully carved those delicate feathery leaves, created jewelry contours of flowers, little hearts, studded entirely long brush?No wonder the full name of the plant - Dicentra graceful and in everyday gardeners - a broken heart.

bloom Dicentra year on year is not necessary.Whether it is sensitive to the position of celestial bodies, whether climate metamorphosis spring, but be prepared for what a magnificent flowering of last year could not be repeated in the next.

broken heart I do not bloom the first season, until I realized that the soft tip to beat the embryo buds night May frosts.Value Dicentra transplanted under the protection of a large lilac bush as she quietly endured all night and cons of the end of May luxuriously blossomed.I remarked, if the time to pick off the faded blossoms, Dicentra is not tired to throw new shoots from the buds, and so -vplot until early July.But this whimsical flower when all "like" this season.

If something does not like, Dicentra fades quickly, but all
summer flower garden decorated with luxurious bush carved feathery leaves that do not wither and lose their decorative effect.Only a broken heart Plant in full sun, partial shade it to their liking, and even completely sunless corners of the garden.As it turned out, multiply the red Dicentra is easy.After flowering in August and gently separate strains with roots, planted in another place next spring and is sure to blossom a little miracle.

White Dicentra more whimsical.In any case, in early spring, as soon as out of the land seem tender shoots, I cover them a little greenhouse: a pair of crossed sticks bent and the film.Once the threat of frost has passed, it is necessary to disassemble the shelter.Plant Dicentra in the hope that its delicate green foliage overshadowed later blooming bright annuals

Looks great and the whole Kupa flowers, mature plants merge into one sprawling shrub height of not less than 70 cm, strewn like Christmas beads, pink or whitecatkins.Landscape designers are advised to put Dicentra pond or near a creek.

As the experience of the middle band, broken heart sensitive to spring frosts, but good winters and feels great even in full shade.This amazing flower can be decorated and some half-forgotten corner of the garden.Just do not forget it watered and fed - the heart responsive and appreciates the quivering attitude.

T. Ivanov

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