Green cuttings

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22 May 2016
first and most important condition for the success of propagation - the choice of the place where the will is your "kennel."On this site should not be exposed to direct sunlight.Ideal - a high spreading tree or at the north wall of the house.This does not mean that the light is not needed at all - it is needed, but scattered.To increase the amount of scattered light can be set screens of aluminum or a white surface.

If you chose a plot near the north wall, the rest of the space must not be closed trees or buildings.Above the "nursery" make wire frame height of 20-30 cm, which pull the film.Sprinkle one side of the ground, and the other three push heavy objects.

preparing a two-layer substrate: the bottom layer (15-20 cm) enriched with well-rotted humus, while it is light and breathable, the top - pure river sand (3-5 cm).For plants - amateurs acidic soil - sand mixed with peat or sphagnum moss (1: 1).For rhododendron, hydrangea, chubushnika useful to prepare the top layer of pure sphagnum.For disinf
ection, you can use a weak solution of potassium permanganate.Sphagnum disinfected is not necessary, he - antiseptics.

Watering a "nursery" can be once a week, but it is best to arrange a "wick watering."To do this, take a cotton cloth, wring it out, giving the form of rope, and dig to a depth of 5-7 cm along the prepared beds.Lower ends of the fabric during dug near a bucket of water.With this simple device will come to moisture cuttings gradually and without your participation.

If cuttings bit, they can cover the tip of the five-liter plastic bottle height of 15-20 cm, without lid.For ventilation roses in a bottle perform additional holes.To exclude direct sunlight over landings raskinte light curtains of lutrasila.The edges of the canopy, attach the ground wire staples.

In most cases, the roots appear in 2-3 weeks, and after 20-25 days, they can be gradually accustomed to the conditions of the summer weather.

autumn rooted plants Insulate dry sheet or spruce branches and leave before spring.

FEATURES rooting

Saskatoon easiest root in early summer in the period of active growth of the shoots.

Green cuttings early varieties of currants, black and red, harvested in late June - early July, when still going strong growth shoots.A more traditional method of its reproduction - woody cuttings for winter.But the closest relative of her gooseberry woody cuttings propagated bad green - on the contrary, it is easy.Gooseberries best of grafted when the berries are ripe half and edible honeysuckle - when its growth has almost stopped.

In fact, all the shoots of roses - an increase this year - until the autumn are green cuttings.Odrevesnevaet they start before the most frosts.Cuttings of roses is recommended to take a "promenade".Optimal timing for the various different varieties of roses, either before or after flowering bush.It is best to take root climbing and ground cover roses.In the period of active growth and budding green stalks are cut clematis.

Not all cultures are equally well-rooted, and some, such as Grandiflora or Clematis hybrid tea roses need help.To do this, use a variety of rooting stimulator (IAA, kornevin) and from natural resources - water extracts of the leaves of aloe and colchicum bulbs,

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