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22 May 2016
With whom to fight?

Hordes of insects incalculable.Many of them - "couch potatoes."Where were born there and live, multiply, arranged for the winter.Others migrate, crawling or flying from one place to another.

There pests parasitic on any one culture, for example, the caterpillars of the codling moth like fruits and codling moth caterpillars and Aporia Crataegi prefer leaves.There are generalists, destroying everything.One should know that all of them are divided into sucking that pierce the tissue of leaves and flowers and suck the juices, and chewing, which eat around some parts of the leaves, flowers or fruit, and even eat them whole.Often, a single plant can attack a variety of insects.It would be a mistake to assume that the "aggressor" in the attack only edible plants.In ornamental plants, flowers and even weeds, too, plenty of enemies - and his own, and shared with other plants.

pest control developed many products.But, unfortunately, quite rapidly in insects to develop
resistance to any chemicals, season or two - and they come back.Therefore it is necessary to frequently change interventions.

most effective ones - preventive (weeding, loosening the soil, destruction of crop residues), mechanical (when pests or damaged parts of the plant are removed by hand), biological and chemical.Each method alone rarely gives good results, so experts recommend their complex application.

What is more important?

no secret that most of the drugs against harmful insects - all known pesticides, insecticides, etc.So the question arises: what is more harmful - insect parasites, or means to deal with them?

First of all be clear: drugs, which will be discussed, passed a medical and environmental expertise, their effectiveness tested in practice.Moreover, in their application please follow the instructions.

each his own

drugs to kill specific pests handy if the gardener knows that threatens his landing.

Medvedka - to combat these insects, eating the roots, seeds and seedlings are very effective drugs, "Thunder" and "Medvetoks."Small loose pellets flavored "Thunder" to put in a mink pests or excavation groove - a "treat" mole cricket will not miss.Granules "Medvetoksa" embedded in the earth in the beds and between rows at a depth of 3-5 cm. Insects find it there, try, die.This tool is also effective against ants.

Shellfish - the only barrier against these pests - the drug "Storm" (the name of the Swiss domestic product "Meta" based on metaldehyde).Slugs and snails crawl on the attractive smell of the bait and die.Effect of the drug lasts for 2-3 weeks, and one or two treatments per season is enough."The Storm" - powerful tool, so it must be used with great caution.The preparation also includes substances repellents of birds and animals.

Ants - of this trouble just for a day will relieve the development of "Thunder-2" and "Muratsid."Sami ants landings do not threaten, but they breed herds of aphids.Microgranules "Thunder 2" able to penetrate into the most "ant places": moves the slot tracks and foundations ... Liquid "Muratsid" watered anthills in the flowerbeds, lawns, beds, greenhouses.The effect of single use of drugs lasts for a month, and sometimes more.These funds are very strong, but their local use is not harmful to humans, domestic animals and birds.

From all at once

If your garden has undergone massive attack harmful insects, you can not do without the complex preparations that provide protection for plants.Today, the store has a wide selection of universal means of pest control.

against most insects, parasites of potatoes, cabbage, roses, ornamental plants, extraordinarily effective drug "Lightning."Its effect is felt even after 30 minutes.The drug is active for two weeks, and thanks to special additives it is not washed off by rain.But we must bear in mind that this is a very powerful tool, do not understand, what insects are harmful and which are useful.

«Iskra double effect" - "first aid" for almost all crops.One tablet should be diluted in a bucket of water and spray the plants with this solution.The tool allows you to deal with more than 60 species of pests.And if the solution is to add potassium fertilizer, the drug not only destroy harmful insects, but also help the plant recover faster.

«Spark of Tracks" helps to cope not only with the tracks , and many other pests in the garden, in the garden, in the greenhouse.It acts quickly and efficiently.Edible plants can be sprayed with this drug no later than one month before harvest.

How does

By way of exposure to chemical agents are divided into contact (operating directly in contact with the insect) and system (falling into it with the cell sap).Contact products can quickly wash away rain, so their duration is small.System tools more durable - they penetrate the leaves, shoots of plants and fixed in the above-ground parts.But, using the latest, it is important to processing under strictly specified time - then there will be no fruit inedible "chemistry."

«Zubr" - completely destroy Colorado potato beetle and its larvae potato.One small vial is designed for processing two hundred landings.When spraying the leaves absorb and retain solution for a month (in the roots and tubers of the drug does not penetrate).The treatment of "Zubr" can be carried out in the hot weather and rain - water it does not wash off.At the same time deliver the drug from potato aphids and other sucking insects.When the pest is carried out for the season one treatment, but not later than 20 days before harvest.

«Commander" takes effect within 30-60 minutes after the treatment.Three days later, on potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes and flowers will be no threat.Effect of the drug is intended for three weeks."Commander" and easily won the insects that are resistant to other drugs, and, most importantly, it is little toxic.

«Spark of gold" is produced in powder and liquid form.Both forms are very effective - destroy many pests in various cultures.However, they are not dangerous to humans, warm-blooded animals, birds, beneficial insects and earthworms.

processed?You can eat!

recently created a new class of drugs, even safer than traditional remedies.It biologics that can be applied shortly before harvest.They are harmless to humans, animals, birds.Their advantages are obvious.But there are drawbacks: they are effective in a short time, in addition, plants treated repeatedly at a certain temperature and humidity.

«Lepidocide" - liquid insecticide based on microbial culture - if necessary, can be used for 5 days before harvest.Two treatments with an interval of 7 days is enough to completely destroy any caterpillars and butterflies scare on landings.

«bitoksibatsillin" - microbial drug powder.It helps to all pests on virtually all plants.Used 5 days before harvest.People prone to allergies, it is better to cook in a respirator and gloves.

«Bio Spark" - biological product, destroying mites, aphids and other insects that are immune to other means."Spark Bio" can be used up to the harvest.

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